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Paris-Cook Islands airs. Favourable airfares You only need to enter your trip details in the enquiry box and the best cheap Paris to Cook Islands tickets will appear available for you to reserve. To find the best service for you from Paris to Cook Islands, use the filter on the lefthand side of the results.

All major airlines' availabilities and prices mean that you can easily find and reserve your Cook Islands flight. We' ve chosen some of the best deals available just in case you ever feel like travelling.

Rarotonga Scooter Rental - Cheap Cook Islands Cycle Rental

Rent a scooter is the most popular way to move around Rarotonga. We have a low-cost two seated, fully automated 125 ccm scooter rentals service that is simple to drive. We have a large space for your wife's purchases under the saddle. Kymco Super 8 125 is a high class scooter that is very roomy and convenient to drive.

Featuring larger 14" large tyre tyres, these are great value bicycles for those used to riding on clutches or rollers. Kymco Super 8 125 scooter are simple to use, but you still need to be an expert cyclist to rent and rent one of our scooter rentals.

Prices for our motorcycles are per day and per week. You can also rent motorcycle protective hats. When you visit the Cook Islands, the Rarotonga rider and passengers must be wearing a hard hat. There is no cost for driving boots. You have to pick up all your motorcycles and return them to our store in Kavera dirng working time ((Mon - Sat 8:30 to 17:00 o'clock, Sun 12:00 to 17:00 o'clock).

There is no pick-up or delivery to or from the Aiport. Rollers can only be rented to seasoned motorcycle or roller riders and the minimal motorcycle rider is 18 years of old. In the Cook Islands, international driving licences are acceptable for a maximum of 6 month.

When you do not have a full 125cc licence in your home state to drive a Cook Island visitor to Rarotonga Motorcycles or scooters, you must obtain a licence to drive a Cook Island visitor's biketour. If you are a non-national (New Zealand or another country) driver, you are NOT allowed to drive a motorbike on the Cook Islands.

Once you have successfully passed the test, we will provide you with a certificate that will allow you to travel to the Cook Islands Avarua P.D.C. to obtain your Cook Islands visitor's licence. You must take a theory test and another hands-on test at the policestation before obtaining your Cook Islands motorcycling licence.

From 2017, all Cook Island residents will be legally obliged to use a protective hat on Rarotonga. In addition, the examination fee for motorcycles at the policestation has been changing since June 2017. There is a new fee of $20 for the theory and practice test and $20 for the motorbike driving licence (a $40 fee for the police).

The test is only carried out with the help of our own qualified team. The test is NOT performed with persons who have no riding experiences with motorbikes or motorbikes. To take the exam and obtain a provisional licence, you must present your domestic or foreign driver's licence and your identity card.

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