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Do you think if we give up the reservation until we get there, we will probably find something beautiful and cheap, only on a road-board? Is there a smart phone that I can get with cheap packets of information for using the web? Hi, I always buy a blue sky simulation when I' m in Samoa.

If you miss the newsstand because you are trying to get to the boat, you can buy a digital SMS ticket from the boat station in the city. And that' I find their web site is really sluggish and that' why I choose to use the bluesky you can buy in Apia.

Hopefully you have a great family. L. Where are you going first, Upolu or Savaii? You have 3 flats directly at a beautiful lake or 4 independent entities, all with breakfasts. Theales are 50 talas per unit and the 140s. Visit Tiavi Mountain Escape - independent mountain escape about 20 minutes from Apia in the rolling countryside with a view of the southern coastline of Upolu.

They are beautiful, but what is even better is the breathtaking views of the sea and along the coastline, 100 talas per nigh. If you want to have a look at it: http://www.samoahotels. ws/Tiavi_Mt_Escape - it is on the page, so you can make your booking from there. See also Satuiatua Beach Fales.

Usually I use Digicel for telephone/internet, but I usually stay in Apia, but I don't have any problem when I'm in Savaii. In Apia or Salelologa (the capital town on Savaii ), I think it's best to reserve a SIM as if you get the flat arriving at 5.15am, which I don't think the bureaus are open from either Digicel or Bluesky.

Get a Jason's Guide to Samoa at the Poly Xplorer newsstand when you exit the terminal and it will give you a great deal of information about the web and other related activities. I' ve already been reading about Taumesina and with 50 talas per day, breakfast included, I don't think that can be beat - so we'll definitely try to be there at least a little when we' re back on Upolu.

Taufua Beach Fales belongs to the Taufua and Tanu Beach Fales in Manase is in the possession of Tanu, Va-i-Moana is in the possession of Sale and Rosie and her Sara and Masi Iona, Taumesina is in the possession of Sara and Masi Iona and the shortlist continues.

Familiy hostels are Le Uaina, Vaisala Beach Hotel, Le Lagoto and a few more. It is an hrs driving from the airfield to Apia, then you have to pick up your ticket and an hrs back to the quay. You are probably better off taking the boat to Savaii and pick up a SalelologaIM.

Jason's Guides, whom I proposed you be picked up at the Polynesian Xplorer counter at the apartment will have real estate telephone numbers so you could waste some of your free day to ring the bell at places you like as soon as you get there and book. With them we organized a cab from the Aiport to their offices when we arrived.

If we get the vehicle, it shouldn't be until shortly after 8am, I think this gives us a little extra lunch and a look around Apia to get a phone card, and then at 2pm to go back to the ferry to Savaii. We are not sure how much we want to stay on Savaii and where we want to go, so I hesitate to do more than that.

Hi, have you thought about asking Samoana to put the baby on the boat for you? This way you have your reservation for your vehicle assured and the necessary vehicle will wait for you in an agency and when you arrive at the shipyard, you only need 1 person to get a ticket, as the chauffeur is covert.

Even a cab to Samoana could possibly throw you back a max. of $80 (and be magnanimous to the driver), while Samoana leaves the city from the international airports for free..... just something to consider. L. I concur with L that the drop-off charge to the airfield would probably be the alternative to a cab trip to the city, so it's a good idea not to have to find your way back to the quay, which is only 5 min from the shelter.

The Samoana can immediately purchase the tickets with Samoa Ships. It is not customary, although it is done to reach the quay by automobile, in the hope of getting on without a reservation. Can' I reserve a boat trip on the Samoa website?

I' ve already checked the timetable and reservation modalities on their website. Surely I didn't want to play rocking and expected a lift without reservation! Upolu, especially since we first go to Savaii and don't know how long we want to stay there.

Once we've found shelter and pumped the waves, we could be there all the while!

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