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Maybe you're also looking for Chatham, a town in Kent, England. Reviews of Chatham Village Apartments in Providence, RI. In addition to the winter season, we also have stores on Cape Cod in Chatham and Provincetown and in Newport Rhode Island. The Chatham is a new house layout in Providence Ashland, VA with various design options. and Chatham is at the "elbow" of Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

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Maybe you're also looking for Chatham, a town in Kent, England. Chatham[6] is at the "elbow" of Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Chatham was recognised by the National Trust for Historic Preservation in 2007 as one of America's dozen distinctive destinations[7]. Take Route 6 take junction 11; turn off the traffic light onto Route 137 South; go through a traffic light (with the dealership); go ahead (actually a right dogleg) at the four-lane Queen Anne Road stop.

"There is a The corner store on the street; drive to the junction with Route 28 (the street ends). Turn ing right (west) will take you into the South Chatham district, while turning lefthand (east) through the main Chatham street (the name of Route 28). If you drive ahead (or more specifically, turn right and then immediately up an entrance on the left), you will come to Chatham's Tourist Information Center, which is supported by the city' s Chambers of Trade.

ICAO: KCHH, 240 George Ryder Rd., +1 508-945-9000. It is a small airfield - most travellers would go to Boston (BOS) or Warwick (Rhode Island) (PVD). 356 Main St., Eldredge Garage Taxi & Limo, (508) 945-0068. Charatham Light, shore road, +1 508-430-0628[9]. Aunt Lydia's Cove (in front of Shore Rd.).

The Chatham Art Gallery, 464 Main St., +1 508-255-1056. Chatham Gallery, 595 Main St., +1 508-945-5449. The Hearle Gallery, 488 Main St., +1 508-945-2406. J. Todd Galleries, 492 Main St., +1 508-945-0888,[11]. Kingsley Brown Gallery, 499 Main St., +1 508-945-6035. 464 Main St., +1 508-945-4699. 880 Main St., +1 508-945-2888.

The Odell Studio Gallery, 423 Main St., +1 508-945-3239. Flap Gallery, 459A Main St., +1 508-945-5313. Pott's Fine Art Gallery, 1223 Main St., +1 508-945-2060. The Struna Galleries, 458 Main St., +1 508-945-5713,[12]. Chatham Light Gallery, 433A Main St., +1 888-414-7773. The Turner Art Gallery, 2078 Main St. (Route 28), +1 508-432-7780.

On Outermost Adventures, off Morris Island Road, half a nautical miles from Chatham Light, +1 508-945-5858,[13]. Shuttle service to North Monomoy Island and North Beach. The Monomoy Island Ferry, Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge, +1 508-945-5450. Chatham Airport, George Ryder Rd, +1 508-945-2363. Underneath the big white tent on George Ryder Road, Chatham VFW.

Hookers Ball has evolved from a small meeting at a rough party venue to a 700 people party, full of a life and quiet bidding, shellfish chowder and rough drinks served at a sea food restaurant and rough drinks club, open air pubs, and dance! There are many small and unmistakable stores in Main St. Chatham. Yankee Ingenuity always seems to be loved by the women and you have to stop at Chatham Candy Manor for some home-made mud.

Cafe The Box Office, 2642 Main St., 508-430-5211,[16]. 487 Main St., +1 508-945-0945,[17]. Corners Store- Burritos & Panini, 1403 Old Queen Anne Road, +1 508-432-1077, Fax: 508-432-1003. RooBar, 907 Main St., +1 508-945-9988,[18]. Chatham city centre offers a pleasant atmosphere and a pleasant atmosphere.

The Chatham Bars Inn, 297 Shore Road, +1 508-945-0096,[20]. Master dinning room, seaside restaurant, taverna or the chef's table & wine cellar. Sassy Oyster, 15 Chatham Bars Av., +1 508-945-3545. RooBar, 907 St. Mainz, +1 508-945-9988,[21]. 746 Maine St., +1 508-348-0469[22].

Christian's Piano Bar, 443 Main St., +1 508-945-3362. The Chatham Bars Inn, 297 Shore Rd., +1 508-945-0096. The Pleasant Bay Village Resort Motel, 1191 Orleans Road, +1 508-945-1133, or +1 800-547-1011 Fax: +1 508-945-9701,[24]. Charatham Seafarer, 2079 Main St., +1 508-432-1739 or +1 800-786-2772, Fax: +1 508-432-8969,[25]. Chatham Motel, 1487 Main St., +1 800-770-5545 or +1 508-945-2630,[28].

Accommodation Chatham Toides Waterfront, 394 Pleasant Street, +1 508-432-0379[29]. 512 Main St., +1 508-945-5550 or +1 800-242-8426, Fax: +1 508-945-1884[30]. The Bradford Inn of Chatham, 26 Cross St., +1 508-945-1030 Fax: +1 508-945-9652,[32]. Chatham 359 Main St., +1 508-945-9232 or +1 800-332-4667, Fax: +1 508-945-3769[34].

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