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Prisoners of the rebels received one shilling a day to work on the sheep farms of the few European settlers. Since February I have been working with KidSat images in our school computer lab. The CIET should work with farmers. "'Historic shipwrecks in the Chatham Islands. Wharekauri, the Cornwallis Islands or the Chatham Islands.

This is where Stacey Hayward works

He came out of parliament after working in ministries for two different government ministries. Here he got the political bow and saw first-hand how important the civil services and the political sphere are for New Zealand. With Stacey, he has been with the Directorate of National Government for seven years and an important part of his work is working with the Chatham Island Fellowship.

The DIA supports the Chatham Islands, and Stacey says it's uncommon for politics to work in this area, which is why the DIA is so inimitable. It says you get these interesting things, like the construction of a new harbour on the Chatham Islands, which you wouldn't see in a purely political setting.

He can see how he actually works for them. "Although I work mainly in an operative area of politics, I also work in a purely political area that contributes to the way the local government sector deals with its towns.

Chathaam Islands " NZCT

Owen has served as Chief Executive Officer of Chatham Islands Council for over 40 years in the local government and has worked with various South government agencies. A' Chatham Island'born and bred' descendent (Chatham Islander), Denise has been living her live in the Chathams. She is currently an office manager at Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust.

In 1982 Craig left Taranaki for the Chatham Islands. He founded Air Chathams, an air carrier that has evolved over the years and now operates flights for passengers and freight from the Chathams to Christchurch, Wellington, Napier and Auckland. He and his missus are merging the carrier. The Chathams have a very tight and thoughtful family.

He loves his work and his wife.

University of Canterbury 2017

It was one of four UC Disaster Risks and Responsibility graduates to join the JENESYS program in December 2016. "That' s really thrilling because it reveals information that was not covered in earlier tidal wave threat and safety assessments and studies," she says.

Your work has been built through talks with grassroots organizations, infrastructural staff, the disaster response manager and researchers working on the Chatham Islands tidal wave disaster outbreak. Kristie-Lee's research is backed by Ng?ti Mutunga o Wharekauri Wwi Trust, Chatham Islands Council, Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust, Canterbury Civil Defence Emergency Managment (CDEM) Group, and is backed by UC's Ng?i Tahu Research Centre, EQC and the National Science Challenge:

Resilienz against the challenges of nature.

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