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Locate DOC-approved companies to provide activities and services in protected areas in the Chatham Islands. Customize your Chatham Island vacation. Most of the island's economy depends on nature conservation, tourism, agriculture and fishing. Explore the Chatham Islands off the east coast of the New Zealand mainland. The Chatham Islands can be such a destination for your holiday.

Homeland of the Moriori

Chatham Islands evoke a vision of secluded oceanic wild life and are known for their abundant sea food and amazing sea and game. Chatham Islands were first populated by the Moriori. Moriori's offspring still lives on the Chatham Islands; Kopinga Marae testifies to a revival of their civilization.

NZ Maori Tourism | Chatham Islands

At the Awarakau Lodge, Greg and Rosemarie are the owners. The Chatham Islands offers small group visits (up to 12 people) that add a special note to a visit to the Chatham Islands while meeting the needs of the individual traveller. Greg's sightseeing tour includes historic, culturally and geologically interesting sights around the isle.

We will make your visit to the Awarakau Lodge an unforgettable experience. is a Pitt Islander of the sixth family. She' s the only local photo artiste on Pitt Island, on the outskirts of the Roaring Forties. is a small photography company located in both the Pitt and Chatham Islands.

The photos refer to the islands around the Chatham Group. Chatam Charters offer angling, javelin dive, snorkelling and huntings. It is your chance to enjoy the astonishing warmth of the Chatham Islands from a real island dweller! The first place in the whole wide open air sunrise every single morning, Pitt Island has some of the region's most stunning landscapes, birdlife, botanics, zoology, fishing, snorkelling, snorkeling and more.

Well, Pitt Island is just off Chatham Island.

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Chatham Islands (Rekohu in the Moriori tribal language) are New Zealand's easternmost inhabited islands. They are in their own timezone, 45 mins before New Zealand Standard London and the International Date Line is jumping east to keep them on the same date as the remainder of New Zealand.

Situated 860 km eastern of Christchurch, in the heart of the Roaring Forties. These islands, rich in cultural and historical heritage, are on the fringes of civilization. Chatham Islands consists of the principal Chatham Islands, Chatham Iceland itself, with 600 residents, smaller Pitt Iceland with about 40 residents and a number of rock formations.

These islands are of vulcanic origins and have a uniquely fragile environment that is home to many scarce and threatened wildlife. Moriori are the indigenous inhabitants of the islands. They are descendants of the Maori of the New Zealand continent but have evolved their own cultures and languages.

1835 Maori colonists came from the main land, slaughtered and slaughtered the Moriori. Chathams can only be reached by regular or charter flights under the number -43.8156-176. Alight Chathams flies 4 day a weeks (6 day a weeks in summer), either from Christchurch, Auckland (weekly on Th, 2hhrs15min, $385 one way) or Wellington (1h30min, from $385 one way) (May 2018).

It is stationed in the Chathams and departs for New Zealand in the mornings and back to the Chathams in the afternoons. Since it is part of New Zealand, there are no immigration or immigration regulations and no frontier checks on arrivals from the continent. It is advisable to reserve or make sure your accomodation before booking a Chathams trip, as your accomodation can be very restricted in the tourist seasons between October and April.

Even though it' not cheaper to go to the Chathams and back, it is still rewarding. And even groups on the land travelling to Kopinga Marae by air to camp will get a good value for your money if they book a one-way-trip. Cargo navigation to the Chatham Islands is available, but no air transport is available at present.

Ships can call at the Chathams and there are a number of shelters. Be sure to contact your locals police or Fisheries Minister if you enter New Zealand via the Chathams. When you want to dock, call the boat operator near the Chathams.

The Chatham Motors has a number of beautiful car hire available and they offer a good level of customer care. The Hotel Chathams has a number of accommodation suites for rent. Chathams have some of the rarest and most threatened species of bird, plant and insect in the underworld. Visitors to the chalet can either take a brief light stroll or a longer 2-hour drive back to the stunning sun.

Chathams are home to many aspiring and well-known artist. Mostly one or two of them are exhibited in the area' s galleries, which are located in the court building, many of which are on sale during the tourism year. She and Bruce Tuanui run a tree farm in their house in the Tuku River on the southwest shore of the Chathams.

Precautions are taken to ensure that people can see this plant in operation. As the hygienic requirements in the manufacturing plants are so stringent, the visitor cannot walk into the production hall, but can look at them from a neighbouring, arid inspection room. Civilization. The Chathams Islands have three cultures:

Moriori, Maori and Chatham Islands civilization. The Kopinga Moriori is the basis for Te Imi Moriori and is decorated with woodcarvings and works of art by Moriori contemporaries. From there, the revitalisation of the Moriori civilization and languages is made easier. The Maori have a marshland and the village Ivi, Ngati Mutunga or Wharekauri, have an administrative area.

The Maori civilization is very much on the Chathams. Chathams is a mixture of all three ethnic groups and has been influenced by the nature, lifestyles and contribution of each group. The Chatham Islands have a lot to do. Chathams have one of New Zealand's most stunning landscapes.

The islands have a large selection of islands where the visitor can go for walks or combs. There are two grocery stores on the islands if you choose to provide for yourself: It is stationed in the Chathams and departs for New Zealand in the mornings and back to the Chathams in the afternoons.

D-56061 Hotel Chatham, Wharf Rd, Waitangi, ? +64 3 305-0048. There' s no cell phones on the Chatham Islands. Wi-Fi is available at the Hotel Chathams (for a fee) and at the international airports (free of charge).

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