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Chatham Islands is one of the most exciting places in New Zealand. Who is Chatham Island in New Zealand? Trips to Chatham Island, New Zealand? Chatham Islands (Rekohu in the indigenous language of the Moriori) are New Zealand's easternmost inhabited islands. The Chatham Islands, New Zealand Region Maps page provides a complete overview of the Chatham Islands.

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Chatham Islands are located in the Southern Pacific, 862 kilometers eastwards of Christchurch on New Zealand's southern island and 770 kilometers southeast of Napier on New Zealand's northern island. Chathams are on the other side of the River 180th ( "Meridian") (the base for the World Date Line, which has been moved so they can stay on the same date as New Zealand).

These islands are about as far away from New Zealand's continent as Berlin from Paris, Melbourne from Sydney or New York from Cleveland, Ohio. The article has been made available for personal use ( "school projects", research on families and homeland ) and any publication (printed or electronic) may violate copyrights.

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Homeland of the Moriori

Chatham Islands evoke a vision of secluded oceanic wild life and are known for their abundant sea food and amazing sea and game. Chatham Islands were first populated by the Moriori. Moriori's offspring still lives on the Chatham Islands; Kopinga Marae testifies to a revival of their civilization.

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Chatham Islands and its inhabitants are a singular fellowship, separated by 800 kilometers of sea from the New Zealand continent. Chatham Islands are made up of two major islands, Chatham Island and Pitt Island. It is located 23 km southeast of Chatham Island and both islands are encircled by a number of smaller islands, all within a 50 km area.

Chatham, the principal isle, has an area of 90,000 ha. The Pitt Islands has an area of 6,300 ha. These islands were created by a vulcanic upwelling and the ground is mostly shallow with a number of summits, the biggest summit is 188 meters high. An important symbol of the Chatham Islands is the Te Whanga, a large lake covering about 20,000 ha or about one-fifth of the island's area.

Five settlements exist on the principal archipelago - Waitangi, Te One, Owenga, Port Hutt and Kaingaroa. Most of the island's inhabitants depend on fisheries and agriculture for their livelihood. The further well-being and vitality of the islands are connected with the sustained exploitation of the islands' resources, both physically and naturally.

Chatham Islands is the smallest municipality in New Zealand. He has both county and county councils. The Chatham Islands are usually home to 609 inhabitants. It has the smallest of the 73 New Zealand counties. Workers are the most frequent occupation in the Chatham Islands, in comparison with New Zealand's foremen.

56.0% of homes have Wi-Fi connectivity, as against 60.5% of homes across New Zealand. 2.7% of homes have mobile phone coverage, up from 74.2% in New Zealand. 46.7% of homes in privately used housing own the home, with or without a mortgages; that is 54.5% for New Zealand.

Chatham Islands Territory's jobless rates are 1.4% for persons 15 years and older, up from 5.1% for the whole of New Zealand. New Zealand 2006 census data.

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