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Locate airlines flying to Chatham Island Airport, CHT. Are you looking for flights to Chatham Island? Compare all major airlines and travel agencies for cheap flights to Chatham Island. See fares and ticket offers for flights from Aurora, IL to Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Are you looking for cheap flights to Chatham Island, New Zealand?

Proud to serve Chatham Island | Air Chathams

Air Chathams is in private ownership and has been running regular flights for over 30 years. Air Chathams has developed from a modest start with small Cessna planes between Chatham and Pitt Island to almost 100 employees throughout New Zealand. Air Chathams now export over 700 tons of sea food from the islands every year.

At Auckland International Airport, Ambassador Chathams has set up a dedicated aircraft operation and support centre. He has developed the company by offering a secure and dependable aviation experience to some of New Zealand's most isolated destinations. Since 1984, his dedication to offering the best possible services to the customer to meet their individual needs has allowed the carrier to function since.

FAQ's | Air Chathams

On the Chatham Islands, Whakatane & Auckland Air Chathams has its own check-in area. You will find the check-in in the area of the major terminals. At Whakatane, JNP Passenger Check-in and check-in service is provided by JNP Airline Systems. It is not possible to use Air NZ Newsstand equipment to register Air Chatham's flights, please contact an Air NZ agent who will help you with your Air Chatham booking.

What do I have to do to settle my trip? Travels can be bought on-line through our website reservation system. Only Mastercard & Visa is accepted for payments and the reservation fee per person travelled is charged by the Merchant and Visa only. You can also make your payments at check-in at selected destinations such as Auckland, Whakatane and the Chatham Islands.

The Air Chathams has an extensive network that allows us to reach some of the most isolated New Zealand locations. For more information on how to use this system before your trip, please see "Before you fly". How does Air Chatham's baggage allowance management work? All Air Chatham customers are eligible for 23 kg of hold baggage contained in their fare.

You will be billed $3.50 for each kilogram of baggage over 23kg. Overweight baggage is not covered during the course of the business trip and depends on the load limitations of the plane on that time. There is no surcharge for these articles. If the airplane's seating capacities are restricted and it is not possible to carry large objects for reasons of available boarding time, they will be carried on the next available outing.

Has Air Chatham's group tariff? How does Air Chatham provide childcare? Toddlers are free on Air Chathams flights, provided that travelers indicate at the moment of reservation that an Infant will be traveling. A child is every customer under 2 years of age. No. Toddlers are eligible for 5 kg of hold baggage each.

Is it possible to ship my dogs with Air Chathams? You will be able to discuss your own particular needs before your trip and any particular needs regarding transport on the plane. It is not possible to keep domestic dogs on the Air Chatham Cargo site over-night. Dogs have to be traveling with a client. Which hazardous goods may I not take on the air?

Items such as the following may not be taken in the passenger's baggage (hand baggage or check-in):

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