Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust

The Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust

The mayor of the Chatham Islands, Alfred Preece, says that the turbines are "not scrap, but it exists. The CIEL is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust (Trust). Les îles Chatham sont la plus petite unité administrative indépendante de Nouvelle-Zélande. Enterprise Trust Inc activity since: Contact: owned by Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust, Inc.

Wind park Chatham Islands

The Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust launched an aggressive initiative in 2008 to help the islands become less dependent on costly fossile-fuel. The AES was commissioned early on to assess the impact of ambient sound in connection with the windfarm development. However, it is also more likely that such engines make abnormal noises from there.

Chatham's quay with cavities in the boat - Fishermen

The new quay on the secluded island of Pitt in the Chathams has punched into fishermen' s yachts, says a local. But a fisher who did not want to be called said that the metal and wooden wings stuck cavities in ships and forced themselves and others to invest in the repair of their ships. "You' d have much more waves at the landing stage where you park your vessel than at the shipyard," said Mr. Mallinson, a vessel operator at Flowerpot Lodge on Pitt Island.

The new shipyard was a sturdy construction and no longer lay on stilts. He added that the quay was in many ways beautiful - larger and more powerful. Teaar said that the trust tried to hire other engineers to criticize his work, but nothing came from her. Late last week's federal budget set aside $3.4 million for a breakwaters for the protection of Pitt Island Warf and for service work.

Enterprise Trust Managing Director Brian Harris said he was not familiar with any quarrel with Mr Teear. He said the renovations and changes, plus the breakwaters, would give an open quay that would last another 50 years even in the Chathams very rams.

  • 1988-go4402 - New Zealand Newspaper

Communication (No 3) 1998 (No F88) In accordance with Article 28w(3) of the 1983 Law on Fishing, the Minister of Fishing, in agreement with the New Zealand Department of the Sea Fishing and the Committee on Fishing of the Treaty of Waitangi and taking into account the requirements of Article 28w(5) of the 1983 Law on Fishing, issues the following communication:

Name and beginning (a) This contract notice may be designated as the 1998 Quotas Release Bulletin (No 3). b ) This announcement shall enter into force on the following date of its publication in the New Zealand Gazette. From the date of entry into force of this Communication, the Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust is allowed to maintain quotas and shares in quotas exceeding the aggregate thresholds set out in Section 28w(1) of the Fisheries Act 1983, up to an aggregate threshold of 100 per cent for each of the following fish stocks:

Withdrawal The 1994 Communication (No 1) on the exemption from the aggregation of quotas is repealed. Date Wellington, June 19, 1998. Hon. JOHN LUXTON, Minister for Fisheries.

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