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Tuuta Airport / Chatham Islands. Island-Tuuta Chatham Airport in Waitangi, New Zealand. The Chatham Islands-Tuuta is located in New Zealand with the iata code CHT and the icao code NZCI. The Chatham Islands-Tuuta Airport is a regional private jet airport in New Zealand. So we arrived at the airport of Chatham Islands, on the way to Pitt Island, and to our surprise Kelvin was there to meet us.

Charatham Islands / Tuuta Airport

The Chatham Islands / Tuuta Airport (IATA: CHT, ICAO: NZCI) is a small airport 10.5 sea-mile (.4 km) north east of Waitangi Township on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand. Chatham airport, called after Chatham Island Inia William Tuuta[3], was finished in 1982 to substitute a densified grassy airfield at Te Hapupu, which could only accommodate slow-flying Safe Air Bristol Freighter-airplanes.

Armstrong Whitworth Argosy immediately began operations on the islands, until Mount Cook Airlines and later in 1990 Ambassador Chathams took over flight operations to and from New Zealand's New Zealand continent. There is also a small aeronautical history centre, which illustrates the importance of aeronautics for the development of the archipelago's economy.

On the following few flights Air Chathams will serve Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington with Convair 580 aircraft: Chathams-Wellington, Tuesday: Chathams, Wednesday: Chathams-Wellington, Thursday: Chathams-Auckland, Friday: Chathams- Wellington, and seasonal Saturday: Chathams-Auckland. It is the basis of Air Chathams and usually accommodates two planes over night.

Suggested airport upgrades for the Chatham Islands

They are the easternmost point of New Zealand and are located about 700 km south-east of the main land. The next traffic challange for the islands is the improvement of the airport. The Air Chathams has said that it will launch a Boeing 737 flight if the inhabitants and the administration finance an airport take-off and landing strip upgrading.

Said the 600 inhabitants of the Chathams were frequent travelers, and there were increasing tourist and cargo malls. Chatham Islands Enterprise Trust supports both the harbour and airstrip development work. Ivi' s own shellfish exporters invested several million US Dollar to modernize the recently reopened Waitangi Wharf facility.

Mr Pellikaan said that the harbour's evolution is a long-term asset.

Airport/Chatham Islands General airport information

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