Chatham Islands

Chatam Islands

Activities on the Chatham Islands, New Zealand: Find out more about the species that live on the Chatham Islands in New Zealand! to be intentional now Chatham Island fire thought "He said, "If the policing shows that someone set the fire on purpose - that's a whole bunch of cash you can afford to pay for something that shouldn't have been. "and now there is a big, nasty little dark mark in the south of the island."

The Chatham Island belongs to the Chatham Islands in the Pacific Ocean, about 800 km eastwards of the South Island.

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An enormous fire on the secluded Chatham Islands has burnt 2000ha. A picture of a Royal New Zealand C-130 from a brush fire on the Chatham Islands. A picture from a repatriation by the German television station ZDF shows the extent of the fire on the Chatham Islands. On Tuesday, February 6, a chief fire detective arrives in the Chatham Islands to begin an investigation into the cause of the fire.

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He was a member of the New Zealand Wars goverment before being banished to the Chatham Islands for spionage. The Kooti Te was one of the most important M?ori guides of the nineteenth cent. He led a guerilla warfare like no other in the New Zealand Wars for almost four years.

You can still feel his impact in the east bay of Plenty and the east coast, where his belief in Ringat? stays high. Pg. 3 - From 1866 Chatham Island would be home to Te Kooti and his classmates for two years. Moriori came to the islands from East Polynesia and New Zealand around 1400 AD.

1790 an English vessel, the Chatham, deviated from course and ended up on the capital city. Later, they were joined by seals, colonists and fishermen. 1835 two M?ori groups, Ng?ti Tama and Ng?ti Mutunga, entered the Chatham Islands. It was Moriori who chose to welcome them in peace, but M?ori murdered more than 200 Moriori and slaved the world.

The M?ori cultivated vegetable and dealt with the Europeans. Most of the M?ori had come back to Taranaki by 1870. Several of the whaling people remained on the islands and there were mixed marriages between the different nationalities. Chatham Island was discovered by Lieutenant William Broughton, commandant of the Chatham armoured tenders, on 29 November 1790.

It is doubtful whether Broughton called the islands after his ship or after William Pitt, the Count of Chatham. This may be the case, but the fact that the smaller of the islands was called Pitt underlines this.

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