Chatham Island Time Zone

City of Chatham Island Time Zone

The current local time in Chatham Islands with information about Chatham Islands time zones and daylight saving time. In what time zone are the Chatham Islands? The current local time in the Chatham Standard Time CHAST time zone. Chatham Island, Karewa Airport, New Zealand (CHT). Look for a city to find the local time.

Chatham Island Daylight Time (abbreviation for time zone)

Currently no sites on CHADT. The CHADT is not currently being monitored, as the sites are at default time and are monitoring CHAST. To find the right time in each town, please use the box on the right. CHADT (Chatham Island Daylight Time) est à 13h45 Stunden vor Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).

The time zone is a DST zone and is used in: a 45-minute time zone. It has a 45 -minute difference from the regular full time. The time zone is a DST zone, in some places the system switches to the corresponding default time zone in winter:

Chatham Island Standard Time (CHAST). Any e-mail sent by someone in the Chatham Island Daylight Time (CHADT) time zone will list the time zone as "+1345" in the e-mail header. However, "+1345" need not be in Chatham Island Daylight Time, as other time zone may have the same time zone offsets.

When and where is CHADT monitored? Pazific Islands/Territories with CHADT in summers and CHAST in winters:

City of Chatham Island Standard Time Zone

The Chatham Island Default Time is twelve hour and forty-five minute before the Coordinated Universal Time Default, spelled as an off-set of 12:45 noon. This means that to find the default time in the zone, you must enter twelve hour and forty-five minute to the Coordinated Universal Time. It is a non-standard time zone, which is called this because the decremental time zone is smaller than the whole hour.

Time zone observers are mainly located in the Pacific Northwest. The route passes through the Chatham Islands, which are part of New Zealand. Chatham Island Standard Time is used during the autumn to winters, and then Chatham Island Daylight Time or CHADT is used during the summers (spring to summer).

These are the areas that are contained in the time zone:

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