Cebu Island

The Cebu Island

The Cebu Island is famous for its cafes and shopping. Activities on Cebu Island, Philippines: TripAdvisor at Cebu Island Hotels: Forums for Cebu Island. Review Cebu Island travel with TripAdvisor travelers.

Journeys to Cebu

The Bohol Island excursion starts with a pick up from your accommodation by air-conditioned bus. From Tagbilaran, the capitol, this route will take you through the picturesque landscape of Bohol, with, among other things, the monument to the famous Bronzes Monument known as the Heart of the First Fraternity Agreement between the Spaniards and the Filipinos.

Discover the neighbouring museuseum with your travel guidebook to discover relicts from the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries. Next you ride under the luxuriant leaves of the Mahagoni tree in an artificial wood edged woodland, past verdant farmlands and towns encircled by native Nipas palm tree population. Once you arrive in Bilar, your tour leader will accompany you to a tropical paradise that shows a large number of Filipino moths, among them about half of the 300 varieties found on Bohol.

You can admire the conical Chocolate Mountains from a vantage point in the far away and after a scenically charming drive through the island's inland to Carmen near the approximately thousand calcareous rocks. From the Chocolate hills lookout, you' ll be able to see a beautiful view of Bohol. Reminisce about this beautiful view, get inspired and take a picture of yourself against the scenery of the city.

Unwind while admiring the splendour of the countryside with its soft hilly, palm groves and lush riverfront palm groves. You will be helped by your tour leader to see little Filipino Tarsis on the river bank - with a soft appearance and big, bulging ears, the second smallest primacy in the whole wide range is not inconceivable.

View the production of Bolio axes used in agriculture and logging and find out more about the hand-built building of Nipaspalmtops.

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