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When you don't have much time, but want to see something of the island, then this tour is just the right thing for you. Bureau of Economics and Statistics in Grand Cayman Cayman Islands. The Non Profit International College Grand Cayman bietet Student Centered Programme an. If you are ready to test or buy a car, please visit our showroom in Dorcy Drive, Industrial Park, George Town, Grand Cayman. Health and vaccination advice for the Cayman Islands.

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The Grand Cayman diving adventure begins with a security briefing by your guide and a 5 -minute cruise to the Sub. Capture your first glimpse of the subsurface as it breaches the sea from its earlier voyage. As soon as it is docked next to the lifeboat, you board the yacht via a platform and access the air-conditioned cab through a large door.

While exploring Grand Cayman's Underwater Marine Park to a depth of 30 metres, you will be surprised by the gentle sailing and the clear waters. On the 40-minute cruise you can find out what is under the sea without getting drenched - giant keg sponge and sea coral are on the coral wall, snappers and groupers float past in peace, and even the sporadic stingrays or turtles can fly by within a few metres of your large viewing dock.

You will end your trip by returning to the top where you can see the sub on another dives before returning to the jetty harbour. Overnight option: Select the overnight options to go on the same trip as the day trip, but with the added vagueness of being under water after nightfall.

This 45-minute cruise allows you to see sea creatures that are not normally seen during the afternoon, especially predators. Dedicated highlights on the sub will allow you to recognize these revellers without scare them away. It is an unforgettable and uncanny adventure, which is the ideal conclusion to a long stay on Grand Cayman.

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Cayman Islands is a group of islands in the Caribbean about 90 leagues southward of Cuba." Grand Cayman is by far the biggest, most densely-populated and busiest. The Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, together known as the Sister Islands, are secluded, peasant and underpopulated.

A large proportion of the guests come by ferry to Georgetown for the rest of the afternoon or other Grand Cayman activity. Cayman holidaymakers often come for dives or sand, blue water and the luxurious Seven Mile Beach area. Cayman Islands are a self-governing British overseas territory.

It is the capitol and the biggest population of the islands with only 20 000 inhabitants. Situated at Seven Mile Beach, on the western shore of Grand Cayman. The island's capitol, George Town is the biggest town and the centre of trade and touring. It has a small historic town centre with many amenities, shops and dining just a few walking distance from the harbour.

7 Mile is a long sandy seashore with quiet blue water and luxurious accommodation. You can reach the beaches by following one of the signposted "public sea access" routes if you are not in one of the hotel rooms. Westbay - The area to the south of George Town on the western side of the isle.

Hometown of many Caymanians and favourite touristic sites like Turtle Farm and Dolphin Discovery. Bayden Town - A small village on the southern side of the isle. The most easterly part of the isle. Noord Side - The northern bank of the Isle, just off Frank Sound Road.

Cayman Islands were colonised by the British from Jamaica in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Besides finance (the islands are not directly taxed, making them a favourite business location), the tourist industry is an important pillar focused on the luxurious markets, mainly serving North-America. Approximately 90% of the island's foods and consumables have to be exported.

Cayman Islands have one of the highest per head performance and one of the highest standard of live in the atlantic. Cayman Islands is one of the wealthiest islands not only in the Caribbean but also in the rest of the Caribbean. The Cayman Islands and especially Grand Cayman were badly affected by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Bluff on the Cayman Brac, at 43m (141 ft). The Owen Roberts Convention Center (IATA: GCM) (ICAO: MWCR) is a small global business aviation hub outside George Town. There is a take-off and landing strip and a passenger terminals through which all air travel to and from Cayman. There are also connection trips to the Sisters Islands.

It flies to Toronto-Pearson in Northern America. In the Americas, US Airlines offers flights to Miami Int. British-language Airway offers flights to Nassau, the Bahamas and Europe flights to London-Heathrow. The Cayman Airways offers flights to the sister islands (Cayman Brac and Little Cayman), flights to Havana, Kingston, Montego Bay and all year round to Miami International.

Dallas/Fort Worth, Tampa, New York JFK, and in season to Chicago-O'Hare and Washington-Dulles, as well as to La Ceiba, Honduras, Camerica. It offers flights to Atlanta in the United States and offers saisonal flights to Detroit-Metro, New York JFK and Minneapolis/St. Paul. The JetBlue Airways offers flights to New York JFK and Boston-Logan in the United States.

One of United Airlines' services is to Houston-Intercontinental, Newark and Washington-Dulles in the United States. U.S. Airways offers flights to Charlotte in the U.S. and to Boston-Logan, Washington DC and Philadelphia on a seasonal basis. West-Jet offers flights to Toronto-Pearson on a regular basis. Taxi services are available at easy flat rate for all islands. Cabs to Seven Mile Beach Hotel cost $19.75.

In order to help you make the most of your trip, you can take a taxi to George Town Station and take the 1 or 2 buses (they will take you to the right bus) for $2.50 per-passenger. Off-shore and tenders are anchored by ocean-going vessels at the harbour quay in George Town city centre. It is a very favourite destination and is considered by many Caribbean cruises in the routes of the "Western Caribbean".

No ferries or boats are available to and from Grand Cayman. The Cayman Ride is on the lefthand side of the street, which can be bewildering and bewildering for those used to the right. There are also many one- or two-lane traffic circles in Grand Cayman that are unusual for North-America.

Travelers wishing to travel on the islands must purchase a resident ID card, a personal driver's licence and pay a $16 CI charge. Renting agents provide this on-site services. When you don't care about the hot weather or the sunny weather, hiking is a perfect way to explore Georgetown or the Seven Mile stripe.

The most inhabited areas have pavements and the isle is quite secure for walkers with good reason (e.g. in abandoned areas that wear costly jewellery, do not walk alone at night). Cayman is not very popular for cycling, but it is possible. High Cayman Public Bus Transport[3], Edward Street next to the Georgetown Public Bus Station, phone: 945-5100.

There is a timetable and the services start at 6 a.m. from the depot: West Bay on George Town. West Bay on the George Town road 2. Routes 4 services between the Depository and East End. It' North Side to East End 5. North Side - West Bay itinerary 6.

Itinerary 7 George Town inters district services. Itinerary 8Link between the North Side warehouse and Hutland. It' between George Town and Frank Sound North Side. Local caimanians have a nice and singular touch with many delightful twists. In Cayman, for example, rumors are not rumored "through the vine", but "along the Mergelstrasse".

Native speakers call Cayman Kay-MAN and not KAY-min. The Cayman Islands National Museum, Harbour Drive, George Town. Telephone: $4/$2. Ft. George stays, Harbour Dr. and Fort St., George Town[5]. The Cayman Maritime Treasure Museum, North Church St., George Town. $5/$3. Hell, West Bay. Boatswain's Beach, formerly Cayman Turtle Farm, is a 24-acre seaside resort.

Boatswain's Beach has a 1st class Kaymanian Heritage Street with craftsmen and traditional and contemporary Kayman cuisine dining, a large swimming pools with waterfalls and a state-of-the-art research and education centre focused on the preservation of marine tortoises. Telephone: The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, North Side.

Telephone: There is a lot to see here, with a visitors' centre, a brief hiking path, indigenous Iguana trees and a Cayman farm house and sandy gardens built around 1900. This is a small area near Georgetown with a mixture of shops, dining, outdoor arts and pub. Cayman Islands National Gallery. Kaymanese artists' works of work.

Cayman' s most beloved landmark is nearby the town of Starray and it is a truly one-of-a-kind adventure where you can see, feel and even stop a raytrap! The" city" is a sandbank near a canal in Cayman's barriere-eriff. The effects of the effects of global climate change and human disturbances have resulted in quantifiable damages to the coral cliffs in Cayman and around the globe.

Cayman lags significantly behind other industrialised nations in environmental performance. Tourist bucks have a big impact on Cayman, so show your appreciation for green travel groups and greenery! The shores and shores of Cayman are all owned. There are many areas with "public entrances " that lead from the street to the sea between individual plots or hotel.

The Seven Mile beach. Cayman' s most favourite one. Kilometre-long sandy beaches just south of Georgetown. This is Cemetary Island. Part of Seven Mile from a technical point of view. Nothern of the major tourism areas. Governor's Strand. A further section of Seven Mile Strand, near the major hotel. It is a small sandy spot with shaded beaches, shaded woodland and a little surfing on most of the day.

Scott Seaside. It is a small part of the sea protected from the sea by the corals of the barriereiff. Cayman has a barriere and it is a diver's heaven! Liz and Awesome Fun Bay, North Side, free of charge: 1-800-945-7884, fax: 345-945-6875. It' s a bit of an adjustment, but you can see a lot of beautiful tuna without having to go far from the shore, so try it out!

Cayman Eden Rock/Devil's Grotto - Some of the best snorkeling in Cayman, right from the waterfront, right in the city centre. Smith's Barcadere - Here you can go for a stroll directly on the sands. Spott's Beaches - Not near Georgetown, but easily accessible if you have a vehicle. Entrance from the sea and snorkeling along the barriereiff.

At Atlantis Adventures, South Church St., George Town Harbor, Telefon : Batabano [14], the Grand Cayman Carneval, takes place in late April or early May. Next Saturday after the Grand Cayman's, Cayman Brac will celebrate a party named "Brachanal". The Pirates Week Festival, George Town with nationwide activities, Tel: 345-949-5859, Fax: 345-949-5449. Firework display, "Pirate landings", road dance, cultural days in caiman cities, more.

Cayman Islands International Storytelling Festival Nationwide, Contacts CNCF: 345-949-5477 Fax: 3456-949-4519[16]. Nicki's Beach Rides, phone: Hony-suckle trail rides, phone: Telephone: There is, however, a cross-country trail, the Mastic Trail. Excursions Silver Thatch, telephone: Cayman Iceland's Dollars (KYD) is the world' s 9th largest monetary entity and the highest rated US Dollar exchange rate; be cautious and always know whether you pay in CI or USD!

The Cayman Islands have had their own currencies since 1972, the base units of which are the US Dollar, which is denominated in 100, 50, 25, 10, 5 and 1 CI$ banknotes and 25c, 10, 5 and 1cln. each. It is omnipresent and is generally adopted by hotel, restaurant and shop customers at a US $1 per 80 Cayman Islands Euro centimes, with exchange usually denominated in Cayman Island Euro.

The majority of purchases are in George Town and Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman. Caymanit is the own semi-precious gemstone of the Cayman Islands. Tortuga Romania Company Romania Cakes are very much loved by Grand Cayman people. Cayman cooking reflects the gastronomic influence of many areas. There are more than 150 places to relax with a good dinner on the Cayman Islands, either with a fancy five-star restaurant or a relaxed place under the stars or even with a theme even.

Whether it' Üs from the Caribbean, Thai and New World, Thai and Italien cuisines, or just plain Kayman ese food, you are sure to find something to suit your tastes. When in Cayman, ask your cabbie for his preferred Jerk stand (a MUST), and also ask him about the destination he suggests.

There is a good amount of gluten-free, organic and kosher foods available in your supermarket, please consult the Shabbat Dinners[19] in the Shabbat Dining Clubs of Cayman. The search for household foods in the Cayman Islands can sometimes be challenging, as the costs of living are higher than in most other lands of the world, even the US.

It is a favorite of the island's diving community thanks to its free Chickens Wing on a Friday even. On Grand Caymen, any meal in a meal can be costly, even for quick-dinner. Sea Harvest (at Sunset House), South Church St., telephone: Seafood and East and East India cuisine of great value, menu on the website.

Downtown George Town, telephone: West Shore Centre, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, phone: The CIMBOCO - a Caribbean cafe, Seven Mile Beach (next to the Marquee Cinema), telephone: Crackled Conch by the Sea, N. West Point Rd., neben Turtle Farm, West Bay, Telefon : 10 $ - 28 $. Hemingway's, Hyatt Regency Grand Cayman, West Bay Rd., Seven Mile Beach, Telefon :

$17-$28. Portofino's, East End by the sea, Telefon : Kitchen Cayman-style: Ruckhuhn, exzellenter Fisch, mixes. $4,50-$28. Neptune's, Trafalgar Place, West Bay Road, West Bay, phone: Rebecue grill at Royal Palms, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, phone:

Magnificent view of Seven Mile Beach and great sea food. Harbour Dr. George Town, telephone: Alcoholic drinks are pricey on the islands, even in spirit shops. The Cayman Islands guests can either take 1 Bottleduty Free Spirit, 4 Bottled Wines or Champagnes or a 12 packet of beers per 18 year old or older.

Numerous restaurants offer prices and consumers, but all maintain a feeling of insularity. Rackam's Waterfront has the lowest priced beers on the islands every single evening during happily hours. You can find my pub at Sunset House, South Church St, George Town,[24]... The Pirates Den Pub & Restaurant, Galleria Plaza, Seven Mile Beach, telephone:

West Bay Road, Treasure Island Resort, Telefon : Cayman' s most thrilling and relaxed outside pubs. Legends, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, telephone: Queens Court, Queens Court, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, Telefon : Soak up the cosy ambience of the only Cayman Islands traditionally built Ireland style bar.

The Sapphire Lounges, Seven Mile Shops, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, phone: It' the only real martinis on the isle. Oh, bar, Queens Court, second level, Seven Mile Beach, telephone: North Level, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, phone: This is a very favourite night club on the isle. Second Corner Pocket, Allista Towers, George Town, telephone:

Accommodation is generous, but usually relatively pricey, even on the two smaller islands. Furthermore, the costs for eating and drinking in Cayman are high, but many people live in apartments with a fully equipped galley and use the first-class super markets and prepare meals and grills on the beaches.

While Cayman is not known for all included resort accommodation, there are two smaller Carribean homes that do so. Most of the world' s leading resort and accommodation is located in Grand Cayman, where the stripe is Seven Mile Strand, with several large chains of hostels and many condos. The Seven Mile Strand is a popular sandy area, so you can run the whole length of the sandy area.

There are several scuba resort sites off Seven Mile Beach and a number of residential and residential areas in the Eastern Districts, as well as several resort and attraction sites for those who prefer a quiet holiday. The Little Cayman is focused on scuba holidays and has a great charme, as well as some of the best dives ever.

It is forbidden to camp on all three islands at any time. We have no camp sites on any of the islands. Accommodation is pricey on Grand Cayman, but apartments are a less pricey choice. Jeff's Resorts, 27 Elizabeth Street, West Bay, phone: Eldemire's B&B Guest House, 18 Pebbles Way, S. Church St., George Town, Phone:

30-grass piece La., West Bay, phone: Acqua Bay Club Ocean Front Condos at Seven Mile Beach[30] West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, ? Free of charge: 1 800 825-8703 ([email protected], fax: 345 945-5681). The Sunshine Suites Resort, West Bay Road, Seven Mile Beach, phone: 1800 348 6096, telephone:

521 Lookout Road, Bodden Town, Grand Cayman, Telefon : Grand Cayman has a thriving off-shore bank and tourist sector. There is a very low level of criminality in Cayman, especially among visitors. Things like a purse or an iPhone could be a temptation, but keeping things like a sundae, towels, shoes, etc. on the beaches shouldn't be a challenge.

Faggots can enjoy the same level of friendliness and services as all other guests, but should reckon with some reluctance from older Cayman Islands. The young Caymanians are very libertarian and in most cases will not do so. Usually there is discouragement at showing affections to the general public, even for even pairs. Be sure to wear sun protection if you are planning to walk around the city.

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