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The Cay Beach Sun Hotel Official Website

The best offers for Aparthotel Cay Beach Sun in Playa Blanca. CROSS RIDE TO THE BIG BOAR CAY. There is a place in Exumas where you can have such thrills - and it's called Big Major Cay. Stade concessions - Directions & Parking - Stay at Hard Rock Hotel.

Kaybeach sun - Review of Kaybeach Sun, Playa Blanca, Spain

It was possible to change to all-inclusive for the whole afternoon, which was quite inexpensive. After tasting it for the whole afternoon, the meal was fine with some of our typical Español meals, but there are many places to eat in Playa Blanca. There was no conversation on the other hand, so it must be really dull for those who want to make the most of their free beverages in the afternoons.

I' ve got to follow others' commentaries on the entertainers man and it didn't look like there was a kids nightclub. The beach of Playa Dorada is about 10 min walking distance and it is quite a stroll to the yacht harbour.

Lanzarote, Cay Beach Sun Apartments, Playa Blanca, Canary Islands. Cay Beach Sun Apartments on line buchen

Services at the hostel are: refreshment room, cafeteria, snack bars, lounge, laundry services (local fee), health care (local fee), wireless connection (local fee), WiFi (local fee), money change office and 24-hour desk. It has two swimminpools, sun deck with deckchairs, bath linen (with deposit), children's play area, miniclub, grocery store and car park for you.

It also has a spa with fitness room, covered swimming pools, whirlpool, massages (for a fee), steam room, steam room (for a fee) and saunas (for a fee). Some hotels may be subject to fees, others may be subject to seasons. Some hotels may be subject to fees, others may be subject to seasons. Only 300 meters from the beach Playa Dorada and near the center with its pubs, stores and restauant.

The hotel sites shown should only be used as a guideline. Reinräume und Umgebung, useful welcome. There has never been a hitch, the flats are roomy, the situation is perfect and the employees are amiable. The majority of the employees were very supportive and courteous. Neat, calm and welcoming. Beautifully neat and well-equipped.

Beautiful neat self-catering flats. It was a very beautiful and neat hotel, as well as the area. Looks like this hotel will make everything as cheap as possible in terms of personnel and food, so we won't go back. Excellent and supportive people. It'?s very neat.

Pleasant personnel. It' s a good 15 minutes on foot to places and stores, and for those who have a cardiac disorder the way back is up the hill, but a cab costs just over 3 euros. For us, it is an excellent basis for self-catering. The furnishings were very neat and easy.

Nice showers and was very neat. Fifteen minutes on foot to the city and the yacht harbour. If, like us, you are self-catering, you can have your own meal there, information and rates will be provided upon your arrival. The indoor swimmimg baths, which are of good dimensions, a well-equipped fitness studio, a saunas, etc. were used.

We would definitely be at Cay Beach if we returned to Playa Blanca. So we chose to go back as it was one of the few places that provided 2-room-flats. We' re happy that they've been renovated since last year, along with almost all the hotel amenities.

They are very kind and offer an outstanding level of customer care! Outstanding room sizes and equipment with refrigerator etc. Extraordinarily neat and well-kept rooms, swimming pools and area. Awesome, neat and nice people. And if you like'Cay Beach Sun Apartments'..... The Eix Alcudia Hotel is a hotel for adults in a great setting with a relaxing atmoshere.

Cleopatra Superior Hotel provides a relaxed and pleasant setting for all our clients........ The Elba Lanzarote Royal Village Resort has a lagoon-style swimming area, which is laid out in the real insularyle. Just a brief stroll from the beach and a range of facilities, Rubimar Suites are favourite suites, perfect for those who want to spend an entertaining beach holiday without the hassle of....

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