Breathtaking underground caves, the world-famous Postojna Cave and the ?kocjan Cave, where the unique human fish live. The website contains information about the caves of Thailand that have been compiled over several years. Explore the Chislehurst Caves in Chislehurst, England: Troglodytic Caves times, tours and prices: You have the choice between self guided or French tours: it's the same price! You had entered the caves earlier that day.


Therai-students found live in submerged caves were given diver goggles and asked to go swimming - in a frantic attempt to rescue them from the rise in this area." The ultimate goal of the rescue team is to guide the captured boys between 11 and 16 years of age through the 1. 2-mile submerged safety net - although none of them is a swimmer or can use air tools.

The group consisted of seven scuba diver, one of them a physician and a nursing staff, who followed in the caves of Tham Luang in the North. Many of the young, wound in film covers, introduce themselves alternately and fold their arms in a classic salute. You visited the caves in Chiang Rai when monsoons caught you indoors.

For up to four month, the army sends supplies while examining the possibilities for rescuing them. It is possible to teach the children to scuba-diving, but this is very risky because none of the youngsters can even do it. Another possibility is to drain the caves so far that the young can avoid them with buoyancy aids.

The Thai young men today turned out to visit the caves to try a regional initiatory ceremony in which they had to scratch their name against a rock face at the end of the tub. UK saviours were the first to arrive after fighting through tight sections and cloudy water of the Tham Luang caves in Chiang Rai.

TWEE physicians have voluntarily signed up to remain in the flood covered caves with the captured Thai students while the malicious surgery gets underway to help them. Cavern diver Ben Reymenants, part of the support crew for the bailout, said NBC, "the simplest way is to keep pumpin' the waters out of the cave".

The British are joined by further specialists from all over the globe and a team from the USA, Australia, China and other countries. Multiple cracks have been found and some have been investigated by crews, although none have yet led to the captured cubs. At present, the group is cared for by seven members of the Thai naval SEALs, among them physicians, who stayed with them in the cavern.

Raymenants, who was 1,300 feet behind the UK scuba diver when they were found, said Sky News: Leaving their rucksacks and boots behind before they waded in and tried to reach the end of the channel, like an inauguration for the native youngsters, to go to the end of the channel and put your name on the walls and then make it back.

Prisoners' families say that the crew often went on adventure journeys together. Meanwhile, expert opinion is that it is difficult to free the guys via the same channel. When did the kids disappear, how many young men were caught in the caves of Tham Luang Nang Non and are they secure?

Since they' ve all been in the darkness for 10 nights, the crew must start eating first to recover and would be wearing sun glasses to keep their sight when they leave the caves. This is still a great deal of scuba and it is possible that a great deal of gear is needed. "HOW WOULD THE RESCUE WORK?

It is reported in some parts of the caves are so small that young people would have to drive through them alone - all without fear. Specialists say the children have to be taken out individually - because if you get into trouble, this would cause a blockade and endanger the life of the children behind him.

The other ways to economize are to wait for the end of the rainy period and the group to leave or to try to bore a salvage tunnelling from above to get them into the air. "When the caves were flooded, the children's entrance would be impractical. The British saviours filmed a film in the shimmering light of torches, revealing young men in short trousers and reddish and bluish tunics seated or stood on the rocks above a surface of sea.

You can hear a member of the multi-national emergency response teams who speaks English: "One of the guys answers: "Another asks when they will come out of the grotto, to which the savior replies: One of the world's premier cavern rescuers, he was named MBE at the end of 2012.

They were flown together with Robert Harper, who also took part, and are from Derbyshire Cave Rescue. The group was found together with a Thai Navy SEAL diving group. One of the confused youngsters asked where they came from and one of them replied: "Throughout the country, the young survivors were welcomed with cheers by Thais, who followed every turn of the shattering tale.

Neighbors of the young who were at an animal home near the grotto, and who were waiting for a break through, were seen rejoicing and laughing and received phone messages after they received the message. The Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha expressed his thanks to the multinational authorities for their "enormous commitment". "One of the world' s top cavern rescuer says that many a challenge lies ahead for the emergency diver.

Boy, 10, starves and torments for day before he is killed'because he's gay''NOT TO LOSE''Trying to get non-divers through a hole is one of the most hazardous things, even if the diving is relatively simple. Have you got a storyline for the Sun Online newsgroup?

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