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The most important port in the Murcia region is Cartagena. Big savings on hotels in Cartagena, Spain online. Have a look at the Hotel NH Cartagena, Murcia, Spain hotel review on Telegraph Travel. Cartagena's cruise port is located on the coast of Murcia in south-east Spain. "Today, Cartagena is the most important naval institution in Spain and the venue of an annual international maritime festival.

The best activities in Cartagena, Spain!

There' s nothing that is not nice when we speak about Spain. When we speak about Spain, some of the towns that can come to people's mind are usually Barcelona and Madrid. Yes, Barcelona and Madrid are probably the two most visited tourist resorts in Spain. Any town in Spain is nice, even Cartagena.

Situated in the Murcia area, the town has many attractions. Cartagena has been populated for more than two thousand years and was strongly affected by the Romans. If you are in Cartagena, you can see many ancient remains throughout the town.

Are you looking forward to a trip to Cartagena? These are the six best things you can do in this tropical town. The Archaeological Museum is the right place for you if you are interested in the histories of towns all over the globe, especially Cartagena, or if you are just interested and want to know more about Cartagena, which is situated on the south-eastern edge of Spain.

On this page you can retrace the town' s past. You' ll get an impression of the civilisations that populated Cartagena in its 2000 year old past, and you can also see pre-historic instruments, ancient pottery and much more. In Cartagena, one of the most beautiful monuments, which is also an impressing miracle of modernity, is known as the Palacio Consistorial de Cartagena.

For over 100 years now, this historic site has been one of the city's touristic highlights, and has been situated on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. Made entirely of pure blanc and decorated with cupolas, the castle appears even more imposing and imposing when you stand right in front of the house.

A further gem in the centre of Cartagena is the Cartagena Römisches Theater which is one of the most spectacular historic places in the town. It has a nice layout, an amazingly renovated theater and some archeological objects. The theater is an outstanding example if you want to see an example of ancient Rome about 2,000 years ago.

The Bateria de Castillitos is one of the most spectacular in Cartagena. A visit to the complex is a must, even if you can only drive to Bateria de Castillitos for about 30 min on unpaved highways. Bateria de Castillitos will take your breath away, overlooking one of the most magnificent fortresses in Spain.

You will not be disappointed to visit the Bateria de Castillitos, because the breathtaking panoramas you will be able to admire are incomparable. In order to really get to know Cartagena, you have to take a walk in Calle Mayor. Calle Mayor, known in English as the town hall, is a beautiful pavement decorated with distinctive dark green flagstones.

On Calle Mayor you have the best view of the city's imposing modernistic outbuildings. You will never be convinced to abandon Cartagena after a walk in Calle Mayor. After discovering Cartagena, you may be a little tired and there is nothing better than going to a sandy spot to relax.

Relax at Cala Cortina Strand, the only one in town. When you need a refreshment, you can eat in one of the restaurant, have a drink in one of the beaches or have a picknick in the area. Spain's Cartagena can help you.

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