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People arriving from Palau can fly to Yap once a week with Caroline Islands Air. From Truk, Caroline Islands (TKK) to New York (LGA). The Cancun Resort of Diamond Resorts. Besides the P-pass, there are many other waves on the Caroline Islands. Surfing on the Caroline Islands requires boats.

The ESA Bay View Hotel. asylum

Situated in the centre of Colonia, Yap, the ESA Bay View provides all the conveniences a traveler needs for either work or home. Since we are a family-run guesthouse, we offer all our clients individual service and support. The ESA Bay View provides rental cars for those who need to stay in Colonia, or taxis are easy to organize and very convenient.

Supplementary transfer to and from the Aiport. There is also our own restaurants, salons, souvenir shops and shops. People arriving from Palau can take a weekly flight to Yap with Caroline Islands Air. The ESA Bay View Hotel will meet you at the ESA Bay View Hotel and take you to your accommodation at ESA.

The Yap is an island in the Federated States of Micronesia, in the Pacific. The Yap Living History Museum in Colonia is exploring Micronese civilization through dance and craft.

The Pohnpei Surf Club - PPASS

The Pohnpei is the most windfriendly of the Caroline Islands (Micronesia). In the Carolines the tradewinds are the dominant breeze. This winches are off-shore and off-shore for most pauses on the northern side of the Pohnpei isle. Also on the day when the trade is powerful, P-Pass and Main Pass keep their sophistication.

At the side of the coast when the breeze is blowing, the sea is wrapped so strongly that the inner part is perfectly off the coast and the windblock. In other Carolines islands (Kosrae) the Tradewind is blowing sideshore to on on shore. The only humane stop on the northern side of Kosrae will be blowing out even slight the prevailing passat breezes (the prevailing breeze in the region).

Palikir is one of the most user-friendly corals in Micronesia. You can surf P-Pass at any flood without boosts. There are other islands in Micronesia where ebb and flow mean prone arid cliffs and even the middle tidal can be quite rough, short trips and even exposition.

At Pohnpei you can windsurf all days without having to wait for the flood, not to speak of being able to windsurf on Sunday (on some islands in Micronesia, Sunday is a holy date and you can't work or surf). The Pohnpei has the longest, most stable, most riding shaft at every flood and every waves of North, NW and NE from all Caroline Islands (Micronesia).

The Pohnpei is subjected to typhoon waves in the western and northern waves without anything obstructing the waves for 2000 mile. Carolines can become unstable, but P-Pass is the region's undulating attraction. Pohnpei is the longest operative windsurfing club in the Western Pacific.

They are only 15 minutes from Palikir and have the most convenient fishing fleets on the islands to take you to the P-Pass or any other shaft that will work that time. Mikronesia has some of the best ripples in the whole wide globe and Pohnpei has by far the best in Micronesia.

You' ll find clear, crystalline waters with perfectly strong ripples. At Pohnpei waters are breaking far from the beaches, like in Tahiti or Fiji, either at the barriere or near a riff passage. It' not possible to control the breakers from the shores (nearby), so the only way to reach the breakers is by using the boats.

The most swellings that Pohnpei experiences are caused by cold weather in the North Pacific (not necessarily the same threshold as Hawaii ) and by typhoons in the West Pacific. The surfing period from Pohnpei runs from the beginning of September to the beginning of May. At Pohnpei, the shafts are up to four ft user-friendly.

As soon as the waves increase, you will step into another stage of windsurfing. Pohnpei is not always 8 to 10 feet tall, with top-down drums and professional windsurfers like you see in windsurfing journals. The Pohnpei windsurfing community consists of about 20 relaxed windsurfers all over the islands on most consecutive nights during the year.

In the low seasons you are fortunate enough to find someone with whom you can go surfing at one of the low seasons or on an uneven night at the pass. The most swellings that affect Pohnpei come from the northern hemisphere with a height of 2 to 6ft. With this magnitude, P-Pass and most other shafts are at Pohnpei for medium to advanced levels.

A 2 to 3 ft long and at high water the P-Pass is a very light and pleasant swell. Sixty percent of the surfing in Pohnpei is on riffs. All the other ripples are in curves at the barriereiff. Since there is no way to control these reefs except by boating, and in most cases by abandoning another imperfect shaft, these arches are hardly ever sailed.

In Pohnpei there are no Beachbreaks or Shafts that burst near the Isle. At Pohnpei all ripples burst on the barriere and necessitate a boating trip. The Pohnpei is a paradise for windsurfers and one of the most friendly places in the canyon. Surfing season on the northern side of Pohnpei is from October to April with sporadic surfing in September and May.

Every winters there will be a period when traders will bubble harder and then all of a sudden they will die out in ideal windsurfing terms. Most of the times there would be no place on this planet with such ideal weathering. The Palikir Pass can deal with the Passat winch, unless it starts to blast too hard or with much northern air, which is infrequent.

It' a great right-handed guy. Palikir Pass is an abbreviation for Palikir Pass. The name of the area in which this shaft is situated is Palikir, a part of Pohnpei. The Palikir Pass is by far the number one shaft in the area. It is not only flawless, but also works under most circumstances.

Every current from NW to NE makes it possible, with a straigth northern direction being the best for the Palikir passes. There is too much S on the waves and it begins to miss the passes (the Palikir passes is in front of a perfectly NW and the waves still have to wind around and into the passes).

Excessive amount of water and the shaft closes from the inside. However, most of the waves that Pohnpei encounters during our surfing seasons come from the northern with small varieties from the eastern and western parts, which is the best course for the Palikir Pass. The most waves that Pohnpei encounters in winters are from 2 to 6 ft with occasionally larger sundowners.

Palikir can be surfaced at any flood on most nights and the coastline is much more user-friendly than Indo, Tahiti or Fiji. There''s no wandering on the coral wall, unless you have to get your missing plank back at low water. The town of Pohnpei lies between Honolulu and Manila and a very different sea state wind there.

In small terrain, the Palikir Pass is a light swell for beginners. It is a simple and flawless shaft with a foreseeable start and perfectly formed walls and segments even with this magnitude. Up to a 5 foot long riding days you can go up to a 2 foot shaft, or you can simply go for the first two barrels and back-dock.

There is no flow at Palikir Pass on most nights. Tidal variations on Pohnpei range from 3ft to almost 6ft at the most extremely tidal waters of the year. Passport passes up to 10 feet (Hawaiian size). From this height the shaft starts a double-up similar to ship stars in Tasmania.

Now, if you don't like these huge get-togethers with a lot of professional windsurfers and fotographers, you won't see any on most of them. Since all the surfing in Pohnpei is great, the windsurfers take turns. It' s a great idea and everyone is courteous, so just sit tight until it's your turn, relax, and come out.

In Palikir you can windsurf at any flood without having to wait for the flood or the wind. If you loose your plank, the only thing you can go on the dive is if you loose it, and most of the times the wind will be blowing it directly to the canal where the boat can take it up.

is that a normal dude can come out here and surf a surf that would fight for the same trip at every other stop in the worid for tens if not hundred of natives and professionals. You have the opportunity to surf a surf that you usually see in photographs or films without the trouble you would find in other well-known places around the globe.

Sure, the trip of a lifetime! When the northern sleepers are there and the shops are starting to blow, nobody wants to windsurf more than the Palikir Pass. When it gets high tides, the beacon can be a funny surge, and the Main Pass gets larger and more demanding. In order to sail on the Main Pass you have to make the waves, or you can go on some serious riffs.

On the east side there are really great times and great swells from August to the end of December. There are also some epoxy points on the west side and on a huge wave there are other possibilities that can range from a funny getaway to the most epoxy drive of your lifetime. Like most other surfing in Pohnpei you hardly see any surfer, because most of them don't know where and when to go.

Let the Pohnpei windsurf club take you there. Optimal surfing conditions:

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