Caroline Islands

Caroline Islands

Weather for the Caroline Islands with forecast, climate history, current weather and more. Are you looking for cheap flights from Sydney to Pohnpei, Caroline Islands (SYD-PNI)? Lele Harbor Location Guide, Kusale Island, East Caroline Islands Tide Station, also shows nearby tide stations and surf breaks. The only attraction that the days bring is Koror, Babelthuap, Auluptagel and Adorius Islands in the Palau Group, West Caroline Islands. Karoline men in a canoe.

Yap-Palau flights to Caroline Islands Air | Guam Palau CNMI new | Dededo

Colonia- United Airlines' announcement to stop Yap-Palau services on January 7 has created a gap in local traffic that can now be resolved. On Thursday afternoons, a FSM and Yap mission from Yap International Airport took off in the Harbin Y-12 aircraft sponsored by China to Caroline Islands Air.

They were on their way to Palau to see their colleagues, to verify and conclude an arrangement for the small planes to take over the run. Delegations inclusive (from l. to r.): Yap; Bruno Tharngan ,Chairman of the Board of Pilung, Yap; Peter M. Christian, President of FSM; Tony Ganngiyan, Governor of Yap; Joses Gallen, Secretary, FSM Department of Justice; Lukner Weilbacher, Secretary, FSM Department of Transportation, Communication & Infrastructures; and Alex Tretnoff, CEO, Caroline Islands Air and recently certificated Harbin Y-12 aviator.

With the agreement of both sides, the scheduled departure date is Tuesday, January 9, 2018. It foresees a timetable of two weekly services between Yap and Palau on Tuesday and Friday with an early bird's eye out. The 17-seater will be back to collect the rest of the guests if the trip is oversubscribed, Tretnoff said.

One-way from Yap to Palau is $200, Tretnoff said. However, the definitive timetable is still being worked out and will be subject to talks between the CIA and the other carriers flying to Palau. The CIA' s intention, Tretnoff said, is to provide the most comfortable links to the other carriers operating in Manila, Guam and other associated places.

However, as a smaller carrier, the CIA must adapt its flight plan to the departure and arrival schedules of the other airlines. The timetable will take a long timeframe, but in the interest of the passenger. They will be Tretnoff certificated when recruited. Mr Tretnoff also said that FSM continues to look at other maintenance alternatives for the pipeline, as well as the procurement of a bigger aircraft for the CIA, which will have a greater capability.

Both Air Nauru and Air Niugini, which both operate within FSM, and other major airline companies are also under review to take over the flight in the new year. Besides many other companies that depend on the transportation between the two nations and to Manila.

Trenton said the CIA plans to make available additional air travel when needed to guarantee that those needs are satisfied. Together with tourist companies, federal officials, trading companies, schoolchildren in Palau, Filipinos and other non-American aliens living and working in Yap, and bereaved by United when it suddenly declared the end of duty between Yap and Palau, he assured that the CIA and the FSM and Yap state Gov. are obliged to maintain the itinerary for the better.

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