Caroline Island Kiribati

Isle of Caroline Kiribati

The atoll Caroline Island is located in Caroline, Line Islands, Kiribati. Locate top luxury destinations in Caroline Island, Kiribati - rated and evaluated by travel experts like you. This is why Caroline Island was renamed Millennium Island. The cantons of Island (Canton) and Hull Island (Orona). Gilbert-Islands;

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Millennium Island, Caroline Island, Republic of Kiribati

Isle of Caroline is 596 sea leagues southward of the Eq. It' about 125 leagues eastward from Vostok, 125 leagues NE from Flint, 420 leagues SE from Starbuck, 640 leagues W from Hivaoa, Marquesas, and 450 leagues N and a little W from Papeete, Tahiti. Measuring about five and three quarter leagues northerly and southerly, it tapers from a width of just over one millimeter at the southerly end; about thirteen mph.

There are two dozens of islands surrounding a flat bay where there is no corridor through the linking coral that allows more than one vessel. Enjoy the charming sound of the sun-drenched Oceania/Pacific Islands in 64 kbps FM stereo! There is no drying at low tide.

It is said that the coral is about a nautical miles from the south-western and south-eastern points, although it is not shown in the maps. You can land by a small fracture in the cliff in front of the northwestern point of the south island. During high tide a vessel can make it to the bank, at low tide you have to walk 1,400 ft over the coral cliff.

In 1883 there were two wells on the south island and one on Nake Island. Most of the year the southeastern Tradewind is blowing, varying with northern and eastern breezes. Fishes can be found on the shore as well as in the lake.

On Caroline Island there must have been Polynesians some years before its exploration, as tombs with Adzias and indigenous temples were found, especially on the two north islands. An illustration of the greatest maraea, made by George W. Robertson of Liverpool on the western side of Nake Islet, was included in the National Academy of Sciences 1883 Solar Darkness Experiment Survey.

It was seen in 1821 by Captain Thornton of the British Whalers Supply, for whom it was named Thornton Island. The other early titles were Hirst's, Clark's and Independence Island. Lt Hiram Paulding, who came to the island on 10 October 1825 in the US protector Dolphin, gives an interesting report. The most comprehensive depiction of Caroline Island is that of Frederick Debell Bennett in his "Narrative of a Vhaling Around the Globe", vol. 1, pages 365-378, 1840.

From 1865 to 1872, Brown and Brothers used to plant their own roses on Caroline Island. According to him, 27 people lived in the South Island community, breeding livestock, swine and fowl, adding salt to seafood, growing dried cod and extracted coir oils. Lieutenant Chauviniere of the Somme described the island in 1870 as a low island of lagoons, similar to the Tuamotu group.

The island was rented by Queen Victoria to Houlder Brothers and Company, London, in 1872. 1883 he occupied four men, a wife and two kids on the island. In these years vessels were tied to a beacon that was tied into 90 threads of sea 120 meters before the thatch.

We' ve had reports of several wreckages on the shore. From Caroline Island a complete solar darkness was seen on May 6, 1883. Transporting them from Callao, Peru, to the island on the U.S.S. Hartford, they arrived on April 21, 1883. An island mapping was prepared by Lieutenant E.F. Qualtrough, U.S.N. and samples of the island's nature were gathered by Dr. W.S. Dixon, both U.S.S. Hartford.

Locations of the observing site were set to almost exactly 10 degreeS and 150 degree14 minute, 24 secondW. This island has been rented to S.R. Maxwell and Company. Two Tahitians lived on the island with their family in 1936.

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