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So whether you stay up on the picturesque cypress lined Scenic Road or feel the sand under your feet, Carmel Beach remains impressive for first-time visitors or locals making their daily pilgrimage. Carmel Beach has many beautiful places to visit, including the white sandy beaches of Carmel Beach. The beach is miles long and offers a wide shore, gentle waves and a wide view of some of California's most picturesque coasts. An unspoilt, picturesque community of beaches awaits you in the beautiful town of Carmel. Reachable at the end of Ocean Avenue through Carmel;

park by the road at the picturesque beach.

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Carmel by the sea is known for its many rides, but perhaps nothing more than its beautiful sandy beach. So whether you stay up on the scenic cypress-filled Scenic Road or feel the sands under your foot, Carmel Beach is impressive for first-time visitor or local pilgrims.

There' is no end to the landscape: the majestic Pacific Ocean, windsurfers who catch a trip on the wakes, pools of sparrows and otters, hounds raging off the lead, the Iconian Frank Lloyd Wright home and the rough Carmel spot to the south and the golfer who tackle Pebble Beach Golf Links to the North. Also in Carmel Beach different activities take place every year, like the Great Sandcastle Contest (55 years and running), Sunshine Freestyle Surfabout and Poodle Day.

It is also a favourite place for wedding receptions and rehearsals for the bride and groom - fitting why Carmel-by-the-Sea was voted "#3 Best City for Romance in the World" when the reader of the Travel + Leisure Magazin chose "World's Best Cities for Romance". Irrespective of how often you enter Carmel Beach, it always offers something new and different.

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2018 Carmel River State Beach - All you need to know before you go (with photos)

Carmel River State Beach in Scenic and Carmelo has a shallow entrance from the beachchair. What I don't know is what the'beach chair rental' is about. There is no hire near the beach of Carmel. Maybe Ordway pharmacy and gear on Alvarado Street, Monterey might know a rentals source for this piece. Sure.

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