Career Opportunities in American Samoa

American Samoa Career Opportunities

Teacher of Science (Chicago,IL Relocation) Online English Teacher. The programmes help young people to create future prospects by offering opportunities for career planning and education. Click Assistive Technology Services for more information. You can use the search fields on this page to view all vacancies in the company or find out about other vacancies below. I will definitely follow Oooo an American Samoan career!

American Samoa Boys & Girls Clubs

American Samoa Boy & Girl Clubs offer various fortification programmes and events to suit the interests of all young people between the age of 6 and 18. Our key programmes and support programmes encourage and encourage the advancement of young people: young people, young people and girls: You will develop management qualities and find ways to give something back to your team.

Above all, however, they have a lot of enjoyment in a pleasant atmosphere. With the support of skilled employees who cover the company's yearly needs, our members are growing up with a multitude of tried-and-tested out-of-school programmes in the following key areas: Development of character and leadership: Help young people to take responsibility, to care for the citizen and at the same time to acquire the ability to participate in the democracy game.

They also help in developing management qualities and offer opportunities for planing, making decisions, supporting the club and the local communities, and recognizing our local legacy. Training and career development: The programmes help young people to build prospects for the years to come by offering opportunities for career development and schooling. It is our goal to make sure all club members complete their school-leaving exams on schedule, prepared for post-secondary training and a career in the twenty-first world.

Heath and life skills: All of these activities promote young people's ability to behave positively, promote their own well-being, establish their own individual objectives and lead successful lives as independent grown-ups. Programmes in this key area allow young learners to build their own creativeness and culture consciousness through skills and esteem in the fine art, craft, fine art and written work.

The club programmes promote physical activity, recreational activities, reducing stresses, respect for the natural surroundings and promoting human and cultural abilities. Each programme is aimed at achieving good results and promoting the growth of young people, by giving them a feeling of competency, usefulness, affiliation and lobby.

This is the five cornerstones of good juvenile development: There are five main areas in which we offer programs: This also includes High-Yield Learning Activity (HYLA), specific programmes and periodic participation.

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