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Map of Norfolk Island. The Norfolk Island capital map. Weekly median house rental information in all major cities of Australia. The cost is similar to mainland capital prices, but a good place for a night out. Bay, Christmas Island, Cocos (Keeling) Islands and Norfolk Island.

Detailled vectormap of Norfolk Island and the capital Kingston

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Pandemonium and sodomic order on Norfolk Island, 1832

The Norfolk Island, as an isolation punishment colony for recidivist colonials, incorrigible and the most serious perpetrators, was generally referred to as "hell on earth" or "Sodom Island". T. B. Naylor, the deceased island's Reverend, described in his 1846 epistle to Lord Stanley the prison base at Norfolk Island, where "unnatural crime" reigned, quoting Milton's notorious couple on Pandaemonium, the capital of hell.

These were the'High Capitals / of Satan and his peers'. Historic reports in this text have considered iteration of " bestiality " and "unnatural crimes " as the same as "homosexuality " (Reid, Causer, Aldrich, McKenzie, Hughes). Through the adoption of a historicistic stance, through careful literacy, this document seeks to show the discussion of bestiality, which refers both to gender between men and to a societal reversal of power.

In this inverse pandaemonic order, Nikolai attributed it to the architectonic consideration of the closeness between imprisoned persons and the invisible through the view of authorities. Antithetically to the panoptical ideals, such criminal architecture for Nikolai is prolific for non-natural relationships: that is, sexual intercourse between men and, synonymously, mutiny relationships with the penitentiary.

Naylor seems to be aware of the part that such discipline plays in the creation and definition of places - then and now. With his portrayal of sodomic societal untidiness - which itself recalls the city of Sodom - by referring to the capital of hell, Pandaemonium, he emphasizes discoursive notions of physical and societal untidiness as places that lie outside the metropolis and emperor's authorities.

Beside this document I will be reading an extensive non-fiction book, which I created from a search for a Samuel Jones in a judicial, criminal and script archive. At the age of thirteen, Samuel was considered incurable by the Sydney administration and convicted of bestiality in 1832 and condemned to life-long forced labor on Norfolk Island.

He participated in an attempt at rebellion in 1842 and briefly confiscated the Norfolk Island transportation bridge, the "Governor Phillip". In his work, he deals with discourse readings of Sodom in the story of the prisoners' collective NSW. It was known as "Sodom" and reminded of the ideas of "Sodom" as a bourgeois place of corrupt inequality.

Part of this work is a long format long original nonfiction script from these bestiality study protocols. In 2016, his first novel, "The Great Eastern", a long-form poetry inspired by a bestiality process in Melbourne, was released by Rabbit.

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