This is Canterbury, historic town and surrounding town (municipality) in the administrative and historic county of Kent, South East England. The Canterbury Group manufactures the world's best rugby jerseys, equipment, protective clothing, team wear, shorts, balls, scrum caps, rugby training equipment and apparel. Embrace your future and know that you will always have a place in our hearts in Canterbury. Occupation - Canterbury Golf Club History. Geborgt von English Canterbury, von Middle English Caunterbury, Canterburi, von Old English Cantwaraburh.

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Canterbury( ), )[3] is a historical British metropolis and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in the centre of Canterbury, an administrative region of Kent, England. Archbishop of Canterbury is the first of the Church of England and the Anglican community around the world because of the importance of Saint Augustine, who at the turn of the 20th centuries ministered as the patriarch of the heathen kingdom of Kent.

After Thomas Becket's ordeal in 1170, the town' s Catholic Church became an important place of worship, although it had already been an abandoned place of worship since the assassination of the Holy Alphege by the men of King Canute in 1012. An itinerary to Becket's sanctuary provided the setting for Geoffrey Chaucer's classical The Canterbury Tales from the XIV World War.

A favourite holiday spot, Canterbury is one of the most frequented towns in the UK[4] and its economic development is highly dependent on it. It has been under occupation since the Paleolithic Age and has been the main town of the Celtic Cantiaci and Jute Kingdom of Kent. The area is full of historic buildings, among them a rampart from Rome, which was reconstructed in the fourteenth centuary, the remains of St. Augustine Abbey, a Norman fortress and the oldest surviving building in the word, the Royal Theatre.

The Marlowe Theatre and St. Lawrence Ground, home of the Kent County Cricket Club, are contemporary addition. We also have a significant number of students due to the University of Kent, Canterbury Christ Church University, the University for the Creative Arts and the Girne American University Canterbury Camp.

5 ] Canterbury, however, is still a small town in comparison to other UK municipalities in geographic dimensions and number of inhabitants. 7 ] (Medieval variations of the Rome name included Dorobernia and Dorovernia.)[7] In sub-Roman Britain it was known in Old Wales as the Cair Ceint ("stronghold of Kent"). Canterbury became one of the most important European centres after the assassination of Archbishop Thomas Becket at the Catholic Church in 1170, when Christianity came to its sanctuary.

It was this journey that provided the setting for Geoffrey Chaucer's storybook dating from the fourteenth cent. Canterbury Castle was conquered by French Prince Louis during his 1215 England incursion, before the deaths of John prompted his British followers to leave his cause and assist young Henry III.

There are several of Canterbury' s most important local churches: Black Death struck Canterbury in 1348. Canterbury had the tenth biggest number of inhabitants in England, 10,000, until the beginning of the sixteenth world war. Each year, the Christmas mayor parade to his grave in Canterbury Cathedral still commemorates the town.

Henry IV was the only ruler in 1413 to be interred at the church. Canterbury received a town charter in 1448 that gave him a major and a high rank councillor; the town still has a major and councillor. Westgate is England's biggest preserved gateway.

Thomas Becket's cathedral cabinet was torn down and all pieces of jewellery, metal and jewellery were taken to the Tower of London, and Becket's paintings, names and celebrations were wiped out throughout the realm, ending the ritual. The Canterbury Castle crumbled. Mahatma Gandhi, who came to town in October 1931[45], was another well-known tourist; he met[46] Hewlett Johnson, then Dean of Canterbury.

Canterbury, which Whitstable belongs to, is Rosie Duffield from the Labour Party. Canterbury is located in Canterbury together with Whitstable and Herne Bay. The stations have eleven of the fifty offices on Canterbury Council. In 1461 the town became a regional association and later a municipal municipality under the 1888 Act on Municipalovernment.

By 1974, it ceased to be the smallest earldom in England under the Local Government Act 1972, and came under the supervision of Kent Council. There is Canterbury at 51°16? 1°05?E?E / 51. 27500; 1. 08694 (51. 275, 1. 087) in eastern Kent, about 55 nautical mile (. 89 km) east-southeast of London.

Thanington Without Civic Community is located in the south-west, the remainder of the town is intact. Harbledown, Wincheap and Hales Place are outskirts of the town. The Canterbury region is experiencing an Oceanian climatic (Köppen Cfb), similar to almost the whole of the United Kingdom. Canterbury' has year round moderate temperature between 1.8°C and 22°C.

In 2001, inhabitants of the town had an mean of 37. 1 year, younger than 40. Among the 16 to 74 year-olds in the town, 27% had a university degree above the 20% nationwide mean. In comparison to the remaining part of England, the town had an above-average percentage of foreign-born inhabitants (12%).

In the Römermuseum there is an in-situ mosaic plaster from around 300 AD[71] The survivors of the building are Queningate, a blockaded gateway in the town walls, and the Dane John Hill, once part of a cemetary. Marlowe Theater and Concerts is the Marlowe Theater, called after Christopher Marlowe, who was borne in the town in Elizabethan time.

Gulbenkian Theater, at the University of Kent, also houses a movie theater and a cafe. Canterbury' oldest preserved Tudor Theater is now Shakespeare,[81] formerly known as Casey's. Canterbury has several theater groups, among them the T24 Drama Society of the University of Kent Students' Union, The Canterbury Players[82] and Kent Youth Theater.

Marlowe Theatre can be seen from many places in the center of the town, as it is the only high, contemporary building. It is a piece of polyophonic literature composed for the priory of the Christkirche (Cathedral) and dates from the thirteenth cent. Perhaps the church had an instrument as early as the twelfth century[83], although the name of the organist dates back to the early fifteenth cent.

84 ] One of the aboriginal titled musician associated with the Cathedral of Canterbury was Leonel Power, who was appointive to the post of Masters of the new Women's Chorus founded in 1438. It has given its name to what is known as Canterbury Sound or Canterbury Scene, a group of rock, avant-garde and jazzmusicians founded in the town in the 1960' and early 1970'.

A few very remarkable Canterbury groups were Hard Machine, Caravan, Matching Mole, Egg, Hatfield and the North, National Health, Gilgamesh, Hard Heap, Khan, Camel and In Cahoots. 88 ] During the 1970s and 80s, Canterbury'Odeon' was now the home of New Marlow for many of the punk and New Way of life groups of the time, such as The Clash, The Ramones, Blondie, Scham69, Magazine, XTC, Dr Feelgood, Elvis Costello and The Attractions and The Stranglers.

Kent University has organized shows by artists like Led Zeppelin[89] and The Who. 90 ] In the later 1970s and early 1980s, the Canterbury Odeon featured a series of big shows, among them The Cure[91] and Joy Division. 92 ] The Marlowe Theatre is also used for many music shows, such as Don McLean 2007,[93] and Fairport Convention 2008.

Canterbury is held over two week in October each year in Canterbury and the nearby cities. 99 ] Canterbury also hosted the July 2009 Summer Party on the Farm Festivals, where mainly perform performers of pop, independent and music. Canterbury-based John Ward (1571-1638), a choir singer from Canterbury Cathedral, wrote Madrigal, works for gamba consorts, church ceremonies and hymns.

The Chapel Royal in Canterbury, where Orlando Gibbons (1583-1625), choir master, composers and gentleman, was killed and laid to rest in the church. Willam Flackton (1709-1798), a native of Canterbury, was an arranger, violist and musician. The Canterbury Orchestra's second symphony was written by John Marsh (1752-1828), a solicitor, music director and musician. He moved to Chichester in 1784.

The Canterbury native Sir George Job Elvey (1816-1893), choir singer and songwriter, was educated at the church. Peter Maxwell Davies was named an honorary member of Canterbury Christ Church University at a ceremonial in Canterbury cathedral. Numerous organisers of Canterbury' s church have written church masses, songs, hymns and more.

The Canterbury and Whitstable railroad (locally known as the Crab and Winkle Line), a pioneering line, was opened on 3 May 1830 and shut down in 1953. Cannerbury and Whitstable was the world's first ordinary steamship train. The first stop in Canterbury was on North Lane.

There are two train stops in Canterbury, Canterbury East and Canterburyest: both of which are located to the western side of the town: Canterbury East and Canterbury West: The Canterbury East is in the south ( "Canterbury West" in the northeast and Canterbury East in the southwest). The Ashford South Eastern railroad line from Canterbury Western to Ramsgate was opened on 6 February 1846 and finished on 13 April.

The Canterbury West is serviced by high-speed 56-minute train service to London St Pancras, slow stops to London Charing Cross and London Victoria, and Ramsgate and Margate as well. It was inaugurated on 9 July 1860 by the London, Chatham and Dover Railways.

Connections from London Victoria stop in Canterbury East (journey takes about 88 minutes) and drive on to Dover. In the past, Canterbury was operated by two other wards. Between 1830 and 1846, North Lane Station was the south end of the Canterbury and Whitstable Railway. The Canterbury South was on the Elham Valley Railway, which opened in 1890 and was shut down in 1947.

There are three colleges in the city: Kent University, the Canterbury Christ Church University, the University for the Creative Arts. University for the Creative Arts is the oldest university in the town, established in 1882 by Thomas Sidney Cooper as the Sidney Cooper School of Art.

Close to the University of Kent is the International Centre of Franciscans Studies[115], a place of studies for the global order of Franciscans. The Chaucer Collegium is an autonomous collegiate institution for Japanes and other undergraduates on the Kent University Campus. Formerly Canterbury Colleges of Technology, Canterbury Colleges offer a mix of professional, continuing and higher learning programs for graduates and grown-ups.

Kent College, St. Edmund's and King's College are among the oldest in the UK. Augustine founded a Royal College in 597, soon after arriving in Canterbury. It was only after the dissolution of the monasteries in the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries that the recorded story of the academy began, when it was given its present name and referred to Henry VIII.

116 ] The Kings in Canterbury is one of the best government colleges in the UK and is consistently among the ten most costly of all. In 2008, the city's junior high colleges are Barton Court Gymnasium, Simon Langton Gymnasium für Jungen and Simon Langton Girls' Gymnasium, all of which received five or more A* to C grade English and mathematics grade gifSEs from over 93% of their students.

117 ] The non-selective state colleges are Canterbury High School, St Anselm's Catholic School and the Church of England's, which all graduated more than 30% of their students in 2008 with five or more A to C grade levels of GCSE, English and mathematics included. The Canterbury service is operated by 2 regional radios, KMFM Canterbury and CSR 97.4FM.

The 4FM from the University of Kent and Canterbury Christ Church University studio. It is operated by a cooperation of educational institutions in the town, which includes the two colleges. It is located at the University of Kent and provides good cover of the town. C4-radio, which was used by Canterbury Christ Church University, and UK-C radio, which was used by the University of Kent.

There' two more stops covering parts of the town. The Canterbury Hospital is serving the Kent and Canterbury Hospital patients,[129] and the Simon Langton Boys Schule has a SLBSLive which can only be collected from the area. 130 ] The municipality greeting BBC One South East and ITV Meridian from the pipe receiver in Dover and a anesthetic electronic equipment in Chartham.

Among the characters who have been borne in Canterbury are Aphra Behn, restaurant dramatist and author, Edmund Reid, Christopher Marlowe,[131]TV host Fiona Phillips,[132] Thomas James Longley,[137] BBC Radio 6 Music host Gideon Coe,[137] who were borne and resided in the town. Cricket player David Gower,[138] doctor William Harvey,[139] singer and actress Aruhan Galieva, author W. Somerset Maugham[139] and movie producer Michael Powell[139] are among the former students of King's School, Canterbury.

Stephen Gray, an electrician and cosmonaut, was borne in Canterbury in 1666. Remarkable Kent University graduates are the comic Alan Davies, the vocalist Ellie Goulding, the journalist Rosie Boycott, the actress Tom Wilkinson and the book prize-winning writer Kazuo Ishiguro[140] and the actress Chris Simmons. The Canterbury partnership includes the following cities:

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The Wikimedia Commons has got press on Canterbury. This is Canterbury Building's website - Archaeological and historical site of the town. The UNESCO World Cultural and Natural History Centre - World Cultural and Natural History Site map for Canterbury.

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