Can you Stay on Easter Island

Could you stay on Easter Island?

The Hotel O'tai is the perfect place to stay on Easter Island. Allow Easter Island to really discover the myths and sights it offers visitors. You can turn left from there to explore narrow (and dark) caves. The colonists settled in different parts of the island after a short stay in Anakena. " We would not hesitate to recommend this wonderful trip with a very professional company.

Sojourn on Easter Island - Review of Cabanas Rapa Nui Orito, Easter Island, Chile

We stayed in Cabana's Rape Nui Orito in a sensible and fundamental way. There are just no considerable number of them. Primary choice are cabinas or guesthouses, similar to what we chose at the end. Bookings with Cabana's Rapid Nui Orito have been made through a range of mail.

Fortunately, two members of Cabanas Rapa Nui Orito were there to help us with the handover. In the Cabanas Rapa Nui Orito, the spacious and comfortable Rapa Nui Orito suites had a king size and four extra bunkbeds. They have some possibilities, but otherwise it is a pretty normal mixture of bread, meat, cheese and fruit.

Everyone in my familiy was enjoying breakfast. It is quite well located for exploring the island. Located on the major highway to the stone pit and facing due to its northern exposure, you can observe the sun rise with the mai or quickly go to the sands. While Cabana's Rapa Nui Orito promotes free web, this concept is a major overstatement of what is actually available on her parc.

All in all Cabanas Rapid Nui Orito provides a sensible place for a multi-day-stay.

Easter Island Foundation - Promotion of the preservation and preservation of the Easter Island's fragility.

Rapa Nui is the goal of many travellers fascinated by the island's famed sculptures, isolations and mystical stories. This is a fabulous five-day holiday on this small island in the centre of the world. First a few facts: There are not many ways to reach this isolated island: Only one air carrier, LANChile, is flying to Easter Island.

Cruisers go to Easter Island, but usually only stop for a few short hrs, which is not enough to get a feeling for the place. Sailing boats are occasional visitors, but a specific landing permit is necessary. Very few tourist agents have an employee who was actually on the island, and they sometimes give false information about what they see, how long they should stay and where they should stay.

Un-familiar to Easter Island, tourist agencies look at a card and see a small island, only 7 times 15 leagues, and think: "What can you do for more than a few nights? To start with, there are about 15,000 archeological places of all types, almost 1,000 sculptures, thousand of petro-glyphs, nice sands, good snorkelling, scuba-dive, horse back ride, shops, caves to discover, fish, hike and for nightlife, disco that run all nutcracker.

People on the island are kind and it is easy for people to meet each other. It is the high summers on the island, the highlight of the touristic year. The price is higher and there are many people there. For a calmer period, choose October/November or March/April. The Easter Island is subtropical, so there are relatively few variations in temperatures and rain.

The busyest time on the island is January and February. About 3,900 people are living on the island, which is ruled by Chile. Inhabitants of Easter Island are Spanish speakers; Easter Islanders also have their own Rapanui dialect. Almost all of them are living in the town of Hangaroa, where the hotel, shop and restaurant are situated.

Never go out - never - without taking it. Outside the town there is no clean potable mineral spring supply. When you are on a Sunday on the island, you should attend Mass in the Catholic Church, regardless of your religion. The island has over 50 overnight accommodations.

The town has several restaurant-from light meal bar s-to full-fledged restaurant. Eating on the island can be costly, so you should be prepared for onshore. Due to the fragility of most places and the expansion of the number of travellers to Easter Island, Orongo and Rano Raraku tourists must make a charge for visiting these places.

All other sights of the island are included in the fees ($US60 for grown-ups and $US10 for kids under 12 years); however, the sights of Rano Raraku and'Orongo can be viewed once during a 5 day tour. In this sense, we suggest that you schedule your stay thoroughly so that you have enough free space at each location; if you wish to go back to one of these pages a second one, the charge must be made anew.

The " perfectly five and a half day " on the island.... Drive as early as possible to Rano Raraku (above). Don't stop to see the many sights you will be passing along the southern coastline, but go directly to the stone mines.

Being early means you can have this amazing side to yourself, at least for a while. There' s an entry charge for Rano Raraku; please store your tickets as they can also be used to access the Orongo website (each website can be accessed once with the same ticket).

Charges are levied to support the conservation and maintenance of all locations on the island. To conserve the statue and the surroundings inside Rano Raraku, the entrance is forbidden. In the afternoon, you' ll stop at Tongariki (above), just south of the stone pit and clearly seen from the roads.

Now you can drive back along the southern coastline and stop at the many places that are clearly seen from the roads. Observe the falling sculptures, which are seen from the street and lie where they were dropped during transportation. Continue southwards through the hamlet and up to the Orongo Cenacle.

Entrance to Orongo is subject to a charge; please store your tickets as they can also be used to entrance to Rano Raraku (each page can be accessed once with the same ticket). Then, drive back to the city and drive to the renovated place Tahai, just northern of the island and the island fortress.

It is only a few minutes walk from the town. Drive further on to the northeast and see the Museo Antropológico P. Sebastián Englert (MAPSE) (information in Spanish), the covered building with a central fencing around the area. Exponents vary from year to year, but the artefacts in the collection include the only ever found remains of an unbroken reef.

Take the street out of the city today, but turn off towards the city at the signs for the city. The street leads you to the seven sculptures on her hut, which have also been renovated by Mulloy. We leave Akivi and drive on a unpaved path to the northwest. You' ll come across many interesting places, among them the manavais, which are located on the southern side of the street and can be recognised by the growth of saplings.

During the war, these secluded backyards provided the island' s inhabitants with a protected place to cultivate their own livelihood. Ahu Tepeu is at the end of the street where it turns southwards. It' the biggest on the island. From here, go southwards and the street leads you back to the grounds of the museums and the town.

Drive over the island, via Vaitea, the old head office of shepherding, to Anakena (above). There are no archeological places here, but good bathing opportunities. From Anakena and Ovahe, back to the north. In Te Pito Kura, stop to see the biggest sculpture ever seen, then to Ahu Raai with its sleek petro-glyphs (on the island side of the street; a crossover for park indicates the location).

Drive further southwards to see the giant Hekii hut and others lining the street. Now you can go on and go back along the southern coastline. A stroll around the northern shore of the island. It is a savage and uninhabited part of the island, wind-swept mounds, remains of hoo and falling sculptures.

It is possible to take a cab to the starting point just in the northern part of the town, which will take you to Anakena in about five afternoons. You can cover the real route in less but not if you look at the beautiful places along the way.

It would be a good day to go to the local markets and stores looking for the ideal souvenirs for your outing. Finish your stay with a great evening meal, party with an exquisite glass of good chilen ian wines and make your way back to this enchanting island.

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