Can Tourists Visit Easter Island

Are tourists allowed to visit Easter Island?

Top rated Easter Island things to do. We offer tours and accommodation for all kinds of trips with many years of experience in tourism and travel. The excursion can be conducted as a private tour or as a small group tour. Learn more about the Moai statues in our episode Travel by Dart. It'?

s hard to answer what you can do to better protect Moais.

The Easter Island Tourism and Holidays: The best of Easter Island

Once you have explored the unparalleled scenery, unwind on an unobstructed shore and consider one of the most enigmatic places on earth. Would you like to cut costs by up to 30% at your Easter Islandtel? Up to 200 locations are checked for the latest and cheapest rates. You an Easter Island tourism organization?

The rates are for 1-21 days. Tickets are subject to rapid changes and cannot be guarantee.

Easter Island & Patagonia holidays, small group. Help the Dreamer

Our strong environment policies ensure that the environment we visit is not in any way harmed or spoiled. The âLeave No Traceâ ethics are applicable to this journey and as a travel operator it is something we carefully encourage. Their guidebook on this journey has been instructed to comply with these guidelines and all customers will be fully informed about appropriate/responsible conduct in wildlife areas.

We are conscious of the economical, environmental and moral impacts that travel can have on old civilizations and vulnerable areas. As such, we make great efforts on all our travels to minimize the negatives and emphasize the positives - after all, there are many good things that travelers can do.

On this tour we visit the historical Rapa Nui National Park (the local name for Easter Island). It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that concentrates the Rapa Nui heritage and by going to various archeological places such as Tahai we can directly assist the work of those who take charge of the island.

This effort includes the preservation of material and the search for ways to preserve the icons but brittle mai sculptures from the impacts of the weather. Limiting the group to 12 people at most and selecting appropriate transportation and explore methods where possible, we can also minimize the effect of humans on the vulnerable places we visit â" especially important as this journey will visit some sensitive eco-systems.

During the 5th and 6th day we will walk through the Torres del Paine Nationalpark. In 1978, the UNESCO designated the reserve as a biosphere reserve. Walking is a great way to see the wonder of nature on this journey, so you can enjoy stunning landscapes like the Perito Moreno glaciers in the immediate vicinity.

If you take part in one of our tours, we will contribute to Carbon Clear, an organization dedicated to "offsetting" or "neutralizing" the damaging GHG emitted by your aircraft. We employ the use of our own groundhandling companies in Argentina and Chile - this means that all operating expenses go directly to the country's economies and help to increase job creation potential in isolated areas.

With the involvement of host families, host families, host families, hotel, family restaurant and the service of leaders and chauffeurs, we make sure that the funds you invest in your journey go directly into the community business and the community benefits from it. Sojourning at a work camp, observing cows being driven on the estate to protect against cougar raids, and other similar activity will give you a great glimpse of the legendary gauchos and the lives of the Argentinean people.

To provide a sustainable supporting infrastructure for the municipalities we visit and to demonstrate a sense of responsibility for these shared assets, in January 2009 we established a non-profit trust through which we can transfer funding directly to our own NGOs and our own community empowerment work. As well as organizing ethical awareness campaigns, our own non-profit organization enables us to collect funding â" through the costs of our campaigns, charities and fundraising activities â" which can then be used to finance various educational, hygiene, reforestation and a number of other important themes for community-building.

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