Can I move to American Samoa

May I move to American Samoa?

Best thing to do in American Samoa. ESL courses may be available at American Samoa Community College, but that's about it. ""You can't do that here in American Samoa."" I came to American Samoa nine months ago for a four-day New Year's Eve vacation. One moving company that has previously worked in American Samoa knows these differences offhand so they can help move the process along smoothly.

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American Samoa Pension and Social Services | Living & Working

Are you living or working in American Samoa? That can have an impact on your retirement and payments, as well as your family allowance. You can still draw your retirement pay or your retirement savings abroad, according to your circumstances. It is also dependent on the kind of service you have. You can also make specific agreements with the Netherlands where you are living or working.

You can find general information about your retirement or retirement abroad on It is also possible to contact the organisation that will pay out your services or your retirement. Social Insurance Institutions (SVB) pay family allowances and annuities (AOW, ANW, AIO). You can find the regulations for persons living and working outside the Netherlands on their website.

If, in addition to your AOW old-age and survivors' pensions, you have a supplemental annuity, you should apply to your own retirement savings scheme. UWV provides jobless allowance (WW), sick pay (Ziektewet) and invalidity allowance (WIA, WAO, Wajong, WAZ). At you can find out whether you can obtain your service abroad.

When you get welfare, ask your community what happens when you move abroad. Your retirement fund can ask you for a living permit if you are eligible for a retirement annuity or unemployment insurance payments and are resident abroad.

A civil war is going on on a small Pacific isle.

In an American country about 5,000 leagues from the continent, natives are discussing what it would mean to become an American citizen - and whether that would pose a threat to their own area. Exactly where is American Samoa and how is it related to the United States? Since 1900 it has been an "unincorporated territory" of the USA, which means that it is part of the USA, but not completely ruled by the US-Administration.

So what are the debates in American Samoa right now? An American Samoan group is pressing for equal nationality laws with the remainder of America, even though their application was denied by an appellate tribunal in D.C. early this months, the Pacific Daily News reported. At present, the 55,500 Americans are regarded as non-citizens, i.e. they have no right to vote in Bundestag general election and cannot work in offices of state.

You can request nationality, but there is no assurance that you will be recognised. Why choose nationality at the time of childbirth? It can be a frustration for some young American Samoans who move to the continent to go through a sometimes lengthy naturalization procedure and be different from other Americans.

This is not a right and unfair situation," Chief Loa Pele Faletogo, director of the California-based Samoan Federation of America, said to the Global Post. One of the reasons why the American-Samoic administration is against nationality at childbirth? Samoa has choices to elect its own municipal administration, which has a high level of independence over domestic laws and migration to the isles.

The Ministry of the Interior says to us, "This country cannot be legitimately leased or resold to someone whose own people are less than half the Samoans. A number of natives have argued that US autobirth at the time of childbirth could be accompanied by a lack of autonomic control and are worried about the protection of the island's Polish heritages.

D.C. courts argue that the state should not be granted nationality at the time of delivery, but should hold its own referenda and should decide to acquire nationality in a democratic manner, as there are differences of opinion within the state. One of the factors the tribunal felt was the fact that the country's chosen administration was on the side of the US state.

"In spite of the long relations between American Samoa and the United States, the American Samoa nation has not built a joint consent in favour of the nationality of the United States," the ruling states. What comes next since the D.C. appellate tribunal decided against nationality at the time of delivery? Samoan Federation of America is one of the claimants in the lawsuit, and they are not prepared to abandon their case, according to their solicitor.

This case could find its way to the Supreme Tribunal if an appeal tribunal in D.C. rules against a re-examination.

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