Auckland, New Zealand is a rural suburb of Brookby. Manurewa, New Zealand. dp="mw-headline" id="Referenzen">Referenzen[edit]>> Auckland, New Zealand is a country town. Situated about 5 km from Clevedon and 5 km south-east of Whitford. Brookby was initially founded as an agricultural municipality with few inhabitants in the region, but today it is a rapidly expanding municipality.

It is located in Franklin Station, one of the thirteen administration departments of the Auckland Council.

Photos of Brookby in the Auckland Libraries collection.

Brookby Estate and Holmdene Manor Story

A. Blodgett was a prosperous businessman who at various periods of his life in the United States had interests in wood, banks and property. When Blodgett moved to the Upper Peninsula in 1848, he became a master saw miller, much of his early prosperity culminating in ever greater projects.

An important part of this storyline is found in the stories of two remaining Grand Rapids properties, testimony to the heritage of Delos' fortune and the work of his descendants. Delos and his family Jennie's kids, John Wood Blodgett and Susan Richmond Lowe, continued their father's heritage through their own ambitions.

He was appointed to the position of Muskegon Boom Company Manager - one of the most prosperous timber companies in the industry - and finally to the position of Blodgett Company, Ltd. Later John founded the Blodgett Hospital of Grand Rapids. Susan, his own health care enthusiast, founded Butterworth Hospital with her late wife Edward.

The Blodgett family's contribution to Grand Rapids includes two mansions of historical importance, which reflect the architectonic style of the classic monarchs and British origin. Those edifices, once houses - John and his woman at one, and Susan and her man at another - are a timeless part of Grand Rapids tradition, and detail of their tedious design have been reconsidered by locals and elsewhere.

This is the former home of Susan Richmond Lowe and her husbands Edward. Edward, then a member of Susan's sire Delos' flourishing timber shop, bought the 69-acre milk factory where the house was to be located. Her inheritance was financed by a present from her dad to Susan - exactly one third of his total assets at the time of his pension, the other parts were shared between him and his John as well.

Almost twenty years later John Wood Blodgett - Susan's sister and Delos' second - started working with his spouse Minnie at Brookby Estates on the corners of Robinson Road and Plymouth. The Blodgett house was occupied by the Blodgett familiy after the building work was completed in the 1928 season, testifying to a renewed interest in 19th to early 19th century Europe's architectural styles.

The revitalisation of this royal treasured architectural design and the planting of seven elms on the site gave the mansion the name "Brookby" after the small vapor that ran through the site. One of their last joint accomplishments was the couple's house in Brookby, which had been developed in close collaboration with New Yorkers.

Brookby Estate has been a recognised historical site in the State of Michigan since the 1970s and was included in the National Register in 1983. Enclosed in these establishments is a story of philanthropic achievement and achievement, which is as much a story of personality as a story of the town' s expansion and evolution.

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