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Scotland and Wales, edited by the editors of Fodor. Tips and everything you need to know about this magical region. Discover a tropical island paradise on the Scilly Islands. On the British Isles we start our journey with our transatlantic flight to London. We brainstorm your ultimate journey with these sample programs.

A two week trip to the UK - my ideal itinerary

Recently I was asked for my advice on a two-week itinerary in the UK, which starts in London and uses a hire vehicle as a means of transport. After all, I have been spending a lot of quality much of my life in the United Kingdom. The compilation of my ideal two-week UK journey in the shape of a itinerary should not be a challenge.

In this sense I have put together a British itinerary (which also encompasses Ireland) covering England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. It is a self-propelled street ride, but can also be adapted to facilitate travel by means of local transportation. For those of you who have never travelled in the UK, my UK Travel Guidance booklet has some useful advice.

We' also have a guideline on how much it will cost to travel in the UK if you need help with budgeting. If everything else goes wrong, you will never lack an unbelievable bar before you set off. For London, my advise is to buy an Oyster ticket to help you safe your transportation (don't rent a vehicle until you get out of the city - and look here for cheap fares on rental cars), and if you think you will use it, look into purchasing a London Pass to help you make savings on London's top-tickets.

Find out here when it is profitable to buy the London Pass and buy it yourself. After all, London will probably be the most costly place to stay in the UK. For a good offer, we suggest you book early - see the list of hotels in London when you book. com here.

For several years I was living in and around Oxford and most of the times I felt like a visitor. You can find the rates for Oxford here. You can also see some magnificent mansions, not to speak of stopping at Warwick Castle - one of the best conserved palaces in Britain - on the way from Oxford.

There are, of course, many other good reason to come to Manchester, such as shopping excellence and a wide range of architecture attractions. For Manchester rates see here. Find out about York's hotels here. We say goodbye to England from York and drive to the Scottish capitol Edinburgh.

However, on the way you will cross some of England's least visited but breathtakingly scenic areas. This hilly landscape is breathtaking and you will be alone most of the year. I think it's a good idea to take a little extra patience to research it. Then, of course, it is Edinburgh, where there is no shortage of astonishing things.

Edinburgh Palace to Arthur's Seat, from the finest whiskies to Princes Street, there's really enough here for a series of entertaining nights. If you come during the Fringe Fest.... well..... you are planning to be amused for many years! Find more great Edinburgh travel plans and review and book your Edinburgh hotel here.

  • in a journey like this, when you're ready. Please be advised that some rentals have limitations on taking vehicles on ferry crossings or to other destinations - so make sure you verify this before you leave as there may be an supplement.

You can also take a flight to Ireland (e.g. Edinburgh to Belfast or Dublin) and use different rental objects for different parts of your adventures! Or you can visit the UK Wales coasts, which include Glasgow, Lake District and Liverpool, and the breathtaking Snowdonia Nationalpark in Wales to take part in this route in South Wales or Bristol.

For Ireland, it is a brief boat journey from Scotland (Cairnryan to be exact, 2-3 hour journey from Edinburgh) to Belfast, from where you can explore the Emerald Island for a few day. I' ve been to Dublin and its environs, made a journey to the Dingle Peninsula, kissed Blarney Stone at Blarney Castle, marvelled at the Cliffs of Moher and had some more experience in Ireland - enough to know that this is a beautiful land to explore.

We suggest you settle in Dublin - find out about Dublin hotels here. Of course there are also the Irishmen, known for their passion for a good age! Plus, come to the right season and you will find the Great British cheese fest in full progress. Coming from Cardiff you pass the huge Severn mouth over the impressive Severn highway viaduct and are back in the UK, more precisely in Bristol.

Bristol has been an important British harbour for over a thousand years. It is difficult to underestimate the part Bristol plays in British naval heritage, from the early discoverers and merchants to the obscure years of Africa's ships of slaves and the Australian migrants. After all, there is a good explanation why the term "ship-shape and Bristol fashion" has a place in the British-speaking world.

In Bristol I can only advise you to take a tour around the SS Great Britain. Constructed in 1843 and created by the engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel - the man who almost single-handedly revolutionized both technology and transportation in the UK. SS Great Britain is the first steamship to have crossed the Atlantic - a new speed for 14 day.

To get more out of Bristol, take a look at our Bristol Activities Guidebook, which should give you many ways to fill your schedule. For the best rates on Bristol Hotel, click here. On from Bristol to the ancient town of Bath, a UNESCO site.

The last of our two-week White Stop Tours in Great Britain will take us back to London. However, no journey to Britain would be really comprehensive without visiting what is perhaps our most celebrated monuments - the rock circuit known as Stonehenge. It' s definitely a good idea to pay a stop (more thoughts about a journey to Stonehenge can be found here).

Then.... back to London, where this trip ends! Is this 2-week route accessible by local transportation? One of the readers' favourite questions is whether this route can be used by means of local or not. There are certainly good railway and/or coach connections between the large towns on the route, although the trains are usually somewhat quicker.

Of course, this is possible with your own bus, but it can certainly make you a little slower, so you'll need to adapt your itinerary a little on time. One more possibility is, in a few working nights in London or Edinburgh, and do some special daily excursions from these towns to those outside the city to visit rides.

There is this London excursion, for example, which includes attractions such as Bath, the Cotswolds and Stonehenge. For more information on how to travel this way by means of local transportation, have a look at my guidebook for a 10-day journey by local transportation, which has a lot of suggestions on how to make the most economical and economical travel arrangements.

It is possible to come to the UK at any season, but for the best weathers and longer periods of sunshine we recommend a stay in the warm season from May to September. It is probably our favorite season in May, the wheather is usually quite favourable, but the flow of tourists is not too high.

Christmas, and the pre-Christmas era, can also be a marvelous moment to attend when the roads and stores are all illuminated and decorate for the Christmastide. A good example of this is our Christmas travel book in Edinburgh. Identifying the best offer for your accomodation is an important part of travel arrangements - it helps you to get the most out of your money and find the right real estate for you.

London, Oxford, Manchester, York, Edinburgh, Dublin, Cardiff and Bristol. To help you make the best choices and saving your budget, we've written a full article about the best AirBnB choices you should look at! Among these you should find the best rates and accommodation for your journey, as well as a good range of ratings and feedbacks to help you make an educated one.

Of course I also suggest you rent a vehicle for this type of itinerary. Hiring a rental vehicle gives you much more freedom than using local transportation, and the rates are usually quite low. But if you'd rather travel by local transportation than drive yourself, you'll find inspiration on our UK itinerary.

We have many sources to help you organise your journey to the UK, from articles we have produced ourselves to third parties we are pleased to suggest. For a short journey off the well-trodden paths, take a look at this week-long UK itinerary I have put together.

We also have a 10 days UK route by local transportation if you don't want to travel yourself. It is a self-drive tour, so be sure to look at our UK Driver's Guides for useful advice. We' also have a guideline on how much it is costing to travel in the UK, which will help you to pay for such a journey.

So if you are interested in getting better pictures while travelling, take a look at my on-line photo course in which I will tell you everything you need to know about better pictures - no matter what you have! So if you want a hard (or digital!) guide for your trips, make a good line in UK Travel Guides, and of course there is a Lonely Planet and a Rough Guide to the UK.

These were my thoughts for a slightly longer than two-week journey in Great Britain. I obviously overlooked many places because no two-week journey can see everything, but I would like to believe that I have uncovered many high points of this truly intriguing state.

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