British Isles Cruise 2015

Cruise British Isles 2015

Here you will find everything you need to know for your British cruise. There is a treasure of joy in the British Isles that many of us take for granted. Don't miss the opportunity to sail around the British Isles on board the P&O Britannia during its Maiden Season. This offer is part of the Princess Cruises 2015 Europe programme. The Olsen Cruise Lines Ltd, 2nd floor, 64-65 Vincent Square, London, SW1P 2NU.

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Cruising around the British Isles is a fairytale experience with no lack of unbelievable attractions. This part of the globe is like an unwritten narrative, guarding mystic stories of historical civilizations. Let royal castles, centuries-old monuments and monuments of cultural heritage take you back to its inspirational past and its impact on Europe.

A trip through England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales will take you on an inspirational trip and awaken lifelong memory.

Must see harbours on a cruise in the British Isles

Cruise to the British Isles and experience a journey full of impressive seaside landscapes, historic sights and cities, vibrant urban living and a truly varied wildlife. It' a tourist resort like nowhere else in the whole wide range of open-air pursuits, lively storytelling and eccentricities.

Watch the accent shift from one town to another, try a different kind of regional delicacies from east to west and encounter a whole range of riveting personalities on a cruise in the British Isles. Throughout Guernsey there are more than twenty breathtaking sandy shores and a spectacular landscape to explore.

Though Guernsey is not part of the United Kingdom, it still envelops British rural living with a preference for corny pastries and creamsticks. Wander the picturesque cobblestone streets and stop at a nearby bar to talk to the people. Isles of Sirlly are a wonderful island off the southwestern Cornwall coast.

The Isles of Isllly are the epitome of British Isles living, offering breathtaking landscapes, charms and an infinite range of sights and activities for all taste. St. Mary's is the biggest and most populous of the populous Isles of Scilly, but stays calm and never feels crowded. Lovely sands, archeological places, marine safari and coastline trails are just some of the astonishing things you can see during your sojourn.

A cruise in Cork will probably take you to Cobh, a colorful and scenic seaside city full of remarkable marine heritage. It is easy to enjoy a full outing in Cork City while landing in Cobh by rail. Well-known for its scenic look, compelling foodiescene, busy alleys from the seventeenth and seventeenth centuries and cozy but vibrant Ireland bars.

Cork is the best way to walk through the city, a great way to see the market and historic church before an unforgettable night in an original Ireland style restaurant or Cork Opera House. Featuring a wealth of museum and some of the best art venues in the land, among them TATE Liverpool, just a few minutes walk from the harbour.

It really doesn't take much to capture the heart beat of the town. Situated on the shores of the Mersey River, Albert Dock is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that continues to be a favourite tourist area. Liverpool's vibrant and welcoming nocturnal life, so grab your cheerful little rascals and drive to Mathew Street to join the local people in a ball.

Scotland's vibrant capitol is imbued with old histories, acclaimed tradition, beautiful vantage points and fascinating corners and edges. Edinburgh is one of the top tourist destination in the word, full of thrilling sights, sound and astonishing adventures. Walk around the beautiful Edinburgh Castle, St Giles Cathedral and the breathtaking Princes Gardens.

In August, you' ll see the incomparable Edinburgh Fringe Festival - a tornado in the art, entertainment and performances worlds. You can also enjoy an memorable New Year at the three-day Edinburgh Hogmanay Celebration.

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