British Cruise Ship Ports

The British cruise ship ports

The Southampton is one of three major ports used by cruise ships visiting the London region. To Poole: Ferry port, Royal Marine, commercial, fishing (Royal Charter) Southampton Cruise Port Ship will depart from this port. Prize-winning cruise terminal and home port for Alaska-bound departures. A breathtaking coastal route along the west coast of British Columbia. Ships dock directly in the city centre and next to the station.

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British Isles are Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and all the off-shore Isles, as well as the distinct country of Ireland. There is something for every cruise ship, from gentle lush landscapes and palaces to enchanting scenic cobbled roads and old-fashioned inns. British Isles' rugged natural beauty means you can stay ashore for more hours, so you can see sights like Stonehenge and Blarney Stone and enjoy spending quality leisurely hours in historical towns such as Dublin, Edinburgh and London.

In Southampton, if you've never been to the busy cruise ship harbour, there's a lot to see and do. If you have already been to the town, however, you can take a full excursion to one of the many prominent sites, most of which are less than an hours away.

Enviably located on the southern English coastline, Southampton has a wide range of beautiful sandy spots, woods, historic sites and towns within easy reach by rail or coach - you can reach London in an hours and 20 min or reach the country's most celebrated pre-historic landmark, Stonehenge, in less than an hours drive; find yourself deeply in a wildlife -clad woodland; or see Charles Dickens' birth place.

Southernampton Cruise Ship Terminal - All 4 described

There are Southampton Cruise Terminal about 80 mile ('128km) from Central London. London Heathrow is the closest London International Centre to Southampton, about 65MPH. The Southampton has a local airfield, the Paris services can be of interest to a small number of passengers. It has four independent cruise ship terminal located about two mile from the water.

The Mayflower, City, Ocean and Queen Elizabeth are all located from north to south. Refer to the Southampton card at the bottom of the page. The Southampton is one of three large ports used by cruise liners that visit the London region. Other are Dover and Harwich, both as far from London as Southampton. There can only be one cruise ship at each of them.

A few days a year, when all four cruise ferries are fully occupied, a temp station between Mayflower and City Cruise is used. The cruise ship kiosks are all located in the dock itself. They can' t go directly from one of the cruise ship kiosks to the roads of Southampton itself.

There are few amenities on the pubic side of the border except restrooms when using the cruise terminal. Most cruise liners arrived at 5.00 a.m. to 6.30 a.m. and supported disembarking from around 7.00 a.m., with the last laggards leaving around 9.00 a.m.. There' s some boats docking at 8 in the morning.

Same mornings at noon are preferred by most vessels. There will be many vessels that will be able to disembark without outside help. Cruise liners all leave on the same date, usually around 5 pm. Boarding normally ends at 15.00 to 16.00. Verify directly with your personalized cruise up what happens on the bulk of vacations with Southampton, yours may be the exception. Here's what you'll need to know.

The shunting is very well organized and you will not be bothered by tugs for the hotel, taxicabs and the like. In Southampton, only fully licenced whites can apply for a job. There are well-arranged cabstands in front of each of them. When 4 vessels leave the harbour at the same moment, there are lines, but you don't have to queue too long.

When you use a tourer' s van transport, you will be accompanied directly to your queuing van in front of the tank. When you book a cab or charters, the drivers are usually outside the customs/luggage area with your name on an "airport style" sign. There are no shuttles between the cruise ship and Southampton' s rail and road ports.

Therefore you have to take a cab between the cruise terminal and the coach terminal. Fares should be between 6 and 11 The photo on the right shows a traditional Southampton cab (they are all white). For 3 or 4 persons with 2 suitcases and 2 carry-on baggage, you may need more than one cab.

There may be a queue for taxis in the mornings when there are 3 or 4 cruise liners that unload at the same time (quite often). However, the cab stands are very well divided. Between the bus terminal and the City Cruise Terminal some winter hard corpses are walking, with baggage it takes about 15min.

It' too far with baggage to go from the bus depot to other cruise ship stations. Southampton Bus Station's location in relation to the individual cruise lines and major hotel locations are indicated on our Southampton maps. All data available when Royal Caribbean, Oceania, NCL, Celebrity, Princess & Azamara Quest cruise liners visit Southampton.

Once picked up from your London or Heathrow accommodation, an air-conditioned coaches will take you to your cruise ship in Southampton, stopping at the world-famous Stonehenge for about 90 minutes. Carriers of the vessels will remove your baggage from the shuttleuttle. Arrival at Heathrow around 6 pm and in London around 7 pm.

You can often take the bus directly to Central London, Heathrow and Gatwick airports. You have to transfer in London for Stansted and Luton airports. The cruise ship terminal is not close to any hotel. When using the City Cruise Terminal, the Ibis, Novotel and Ibis Budget are accessible with lightweight baggage.

There is a Southampton Cruise Hotel page describing all major properties within a distance of the cruise terminal in Southampton. You can use this detail, together with the chart showing the location of hotel and cruise terminal sites, to make the right decision for you.

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