British Cruise Companies

UK cruise companies

The award-winning company is the most popular cruise company in the UK with its authentic British cruise experience. Sophisticated British cruise company. Our specialists have first-hand knowledge of cruises in the UK and Ireland and are able to recommend a cruise that suits your interests and budget. The British P&O Company ship Ceylon makes its first sightseeing cruise to the Mediterranean. Discover the world on a luxury cruise or an expedition cruise.

Seven Best British Passenger Cruise Companies | Cruise | Travel

But Cunard also has to take care of his US customers, so the fares on board are in US Dollar and the lounges often have more New York feeling than a British one. and P&O Cruises: P&O cruises was even older than Cunard Line when it was 175 years old in 2012, when all seven vessels first sailed in a harbour - Southampton.

The British navy is headquartered in Southampton, where theme rides are particularly well-loved. THOMPSON CRUISES: The irony is that Tui is now the owner of Tomson cruise and the most British cruise company. Saya Cruises: Serve your favorite seafood and French fries at a stand where you can buy your favorite candies at his beach club next to the swimming area.

British coastline was the subject when the vessel was purchased by Taga Creises and completely renovated in 2012. This is Fred Olsen Cruise Line: Though Norwegianowned, Fred Olsen and Fred Olsen cruise lines are in the UK and British passenger numbers are almost 100 percent. One of the cruise line's most beloved characteristics is its three small to medium-sized vessels, departing from Liverpool, Newcastle, Falmouth, Harwich, Greenock, Rosyth, Belfast, Tilbury and Bristol, Southampton and Dover.

Meals always have a classical British favorite, as well as more unusual meals, and the cash prizes are largely considered the best value at sea. The Fred Olsen Cruise Company provides very old-fashioned British cruise ships with evening teas, on board talks and festive evenings. However, those who don't want to wear costumes will be happy to know that smart-casual dinner is always offered at the self-service refreshment counter - as with all cruise companies that have official evenings.

Cruises & Cruises: Just like Saga and Fred Olsen, it features British cruises with a focus on relaxing and interesting outings. This is a very British but very specialised cruise line, with only one vessel - Minerva - and one kind of vacation - culturally. Except for a few Americans and Australians, its customers are practically 100 percent British and it provides a very high level of proficient instructors in disciplines such as classic Grecian and Latin literature.

This is because Swan Hellenic was designed to take travellers to classic Greek and Rome historical places when its first routes were started in the 1950'. This is a great pack for those who want to go on classic cruising, but no West End-style shows or organized meckers.

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