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Isle of Brando Bora Bora Bora Bora

The atoll was once the holiday resort of the Tahitian royal family and is widely known for being bought by Marlon Brando. With The Brando and InterContinental Bora Bora Thalasso. Many years ago Marlon Brando bought the island and made it his secluded hideout. Brando is a unique luxury resort on the breathtaking private island of Tetiaroa. Your suite on stilts in Bora Bora, the ultimate luxury experience.

Hotel Review, France Polynesia

Only 30 leagues from Tahiti Tetiaroa is a chain of 12 deep situated moto ( "islets") which frame a beautiful blue coloured lake. Tetiaroa was purchased by Marlon Brando in 1966 after he visited Tahiti to shoot mutiny on the Bounty, where he spend many lucky sabbattles. In spite of the name, there are few Brando themes and the ambiance is extremely luxurious, with the extravagance provided by it.

There are 35 beach mansions with reed roofs, solid iron logs and plenty of room. Tidbits included a multimedia room, an open-air swimming baths and a separate en-suite swimming area. All guests get a bike in a stylish café-au-lait finish and there are also twin and triple room mansions for bigger partys.

It' works best as an open-air or final to a broader French-Polynesian vacation - May to October is drier, with August to October being a good opportunity to see moguls. Disabled people? It has two detached one-bedroom mansions, and a ramp allows wheelchairs upstairs.

Márlon Brando's home island: The ultimate holiday in paradise

During the shooting of the mutiny on the Bounty, Marlon Brando falls in passion for the French-Polynesian Tetiaroa apocalypse and bought it in 1967 to make it his own private heaven. Now everyone can enjoy it thanks to the Brando creations - and it's just as complete as the film legend's dream of a "holiday destination near paradise".

With 35 privately owned mansions, each with its own swimming pools and beaches, you will have the impression that you are the only one on the island, while the cuisine ranges from a seaside cocktail lounge to a breathtaking Michelin star Guy Martin meal in a breathtaking restuarant. It was the first of an almost never-ending flow of "wow" moment in the resorts for me.

It is spread over two sides of the island, with 22 Turtle Beach mansions and 13 Mermaid Bay mansions where we spent the night. All of the mansions are highly covered and have an unbelievable feeling of open ess and area. They are also packed with equipment - from a high-endetooth loudspeaker system in the room and movie theater to a big-screen TV that climbs up from the end of the room when needed (although I must confess that the views from the room were so unbelievable that neither my woman nor I actually looked at television during our stay).

There are large en-suite en-suite bathrooms in the master suite, with large entrance to your own en-suite decks, diving pools and eating area. In addition, the shore extends into the Laguna, along with our favorite part of the whole mansion - a large reclining chair overlooking the Laguna, the ideal place to relax after a strenuous outing.

That feeling of remoteness is one of the keys to the Brando. Whilst in your mansion, even outdoors, it seems you are the only humans here, while the restaurant and bars are full of small corners and edges for drinks and guests, so that you can enjoy a secluded view of the sundown if you want.

It is one of her most noteworthy experiences to rid the island of midge. In order to do this, they periodically set free GM midge mating with the feral female and sterilise her, making her egg unviable. From the growers who every day scrape the sands in front of your mansion to make it look great, to the hiring of the personnel who have succeeded in mixing the love of detail of the personnel with the unbelievable nature kindness of the Polynesians, creating a whole crew that you can really think of as your friend after just a few short workdays.

When you can move away from the mansion, The Brando also provides a range of opportunities to discover the island and the gulf, from boating and hiking trips to local wickerwork and dancing courses. It is also a great opportunity to see the area' s unparalleled fauna, and above all the breathtaking bird life - in some cases there is even a seperate island where there live several thousand bird species and which is the birdwatching wonder.

It also includes a stopover in the midst of one of the perfectly formed blankets, far away from the island - and yet with quiet waters, flat enough for non-swimmers. It is also worthwhile to take a cycling tour around the island at some point, as much of it is still in its original state, with some astonishing sandy spots and peculiar ritual stumbling on.

It is one of her most noteworthy experiences to rid the island of midge. In order to do this, they periodically set free GM midge mating with the feral female and sterilise her, making her egg unviable. The Brando's most amazing aspect was eating. It' s really unbelievably near a Michelin star establishment, although you're actually on a small island in Polynesia, France.

In 1967 he purchased the island and made it his vision of paradise. Brando's edifice was small and created a small town with 12 palm-roofed huts on the island of Onetahi, which then became a very basic hospital. Indeed, some of the explorers on the island still reside in the pristine shelters.

It is a seaside place that does not do good for eating and serving, although it captures the ambience of a pleasant sitting-room. Bob's Bar also has a great dining and drinks list and is the ideal place to enjoy the sundown, especially at one of the beachfront desks.

It is also open to personnel without stumbling through the mansion, so your ninja-style meal will arrive with a bang on the back doors to tell you when everything is in place and waiting for you to have it. It was really great for a place that is isolated from the rest of the country, and the classical traditional meals are well cooked - the main problem we found was that the place no longer had a truffle during our sojourn.

The most interesting thing about the Brando, and perhaps the key to his achievement, was the unbelievable work of all the employees to reassure the people. All in all our sojourn in the Brando was just great. Undoubtedly, it is a one-of-a-kind place, and not only because of its whereabouts.

Marlon Brando himself summarized the Brando experiences when he described his passion for the island. The Brando can be purchased through National Geographic's Unique Lodges of the World or +001 888 701 5486. Prices for two people in a one-bedroom mansion vary from $3,075 in low seasons to $3,210 in high seasons.

More information about Bora Bora and French Polynesia, please see Tahiti Tourisme.

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