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Fiji Bouma Falls

Inquire about Bouma National Heritage Park at maryOTB. And if you love rainforest walks and waterfalls, this is the place for you! I' d just visited the rainforest and waterfalls in New Zealand and Australia and still enjoyed hiking to all three Bouma Falls. These waterfalls are only a short walk from the main road and do not disappoint. These waterfalls are only a short walk from the main road and do not disappoint.

The Bouma Falls - Review of Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni Island, Fiji

And if you enjoy rain forest walks and falls, this is the place for you! I' d just been to the rain forest and water falls in New Zealand and Australia and still enjoy walking to all three Bouma Falls. Astonishingly, this Fijian had never been to the second and third falls before. The other critics have said that the other cases may not be deserving of the visit.

Or if you don't prefer walking on slippery trails over the lush greenery, this might be just the thing for you. I' ve been enjoying both. Second autumn has a flat basin with a really powerful flow. There is a bigger third, with a deeper swimmingpool and a wall that some of us believe to be secure clamber. The waterfalls and the challenges of the walks I enjoy.

This saves you a great deal of your own valuable resources. In particular I was enjoying Maria's luncheon in the visitors' centre. With the cold of the falls and the amount of calories needed for the walks, their food was excellent. It was the lime infusion I particularly liked.

Impressive Bouma waterfalls on Taveuni Island

To go to Fiji means to sit on a scenic sandy shore, right? However, a holiday in Fiji is much more than that. It is formally known as the Republic of Fiji. Most of Fiji consists of the crystalline water of the ocean. Fiji consists of 332 different isles and over 550 small isles, while only a few of them are well-loved.

Fiji's biggest isle, Viti Levu, was the first place in Fiji to maintain a high level of visitor activity and will remain the major point of arrival for foreigners. But Vanua Levu is becoming more and more popular as a destination. The masses of people outside the capitals are scarce in Fiji, and Fiji's third biggest isle, Taveuni, is unharmed by people.

At Taveuni it is possible to find beautiful small sandy areas and kayaks to islands that are completely free of other humans, unless you are counting the tortoises and sea life you see along the way. This is the perfect base for those who want to explore the Rainbow Reef and other first class diving spots in Fiji.

Taveuni's water is considered to be the most spectacular collection of softened corals in the game. On the mainland, Taveuni is just as impressing. Raiwasa Private Resort and some other property are located in the lower area of the isle. But Taveuni's pristine nature is the true treasure, and Mother Nature really shows itself in the wonderful Bouma Falls.

Bouma National Heritage Parc encompasses almost 80% of Taveuni. Founded in 1990, Heritage Parc makes sure that this preserved country stays a luxuriant, old jungles. All 57 sq. km (157 sq. km) of the reserve are rich in wildlife and vegetation. Taveuni has been nicknamed "The Garden Island" by the dense and beautiful Heritage World.

" Going to Bouma National Heritage Park means seeing a beautiful rain forest at its best. There are also three breathtaking falls in this unspoilt rain forest. Actually, these three falls are known as Tavoro Falls, but most natives and tourists just call them Bouma Falls or Bouma Falls, no matter what name you use, the falls are a must for anyone who visits them.

The Bouma Falls can be reached by a simple walk of one night, but we suggest you go with a group or a personal guidebook, as the area is isolated and out-of-the-way. When you are staying in a Taveuni real estate, such as the Raiwasa Privatresort, a travel guidebook will cover the transport as part of your book.

There is, however, a visitor centre in Bouma National Heritage Park if you choose to go there alone. In order to access the Heritage Park, you must make a payment and log into the Visitor Centre. There is a indoor pool at the foot of this first stop, where guests can unwind. You can also take the 10-foot edge above the swim pit, where local people and tourists alike can dive into the clear sands.

Second of the Bouma Falls has a similar swim pool and picturesque surroundings. An excursion to this last cascade is interesting for those who want to explore one of the most unspoilt and secluded falls in Taveuni. Taveuni tourists are strongly advised to hike to all three falls during their visit to the isle.

This can be tricky during the wet seasons, however, and the way to the third fall can be blocked or not accessible due to sliding surface after a long soak. Taveuni Raiwasa, an exquisite privately owned residence, is the best place to stay for a relaxing stay, a business or a year.

There is an inflinity swimmingpool and a lovely outside area of the privately owned resorts, making it the perfect place to unwind after a full exploration of the Bouma Falls. Please browse our website to find out more about the privately owned residence and the beautiful Fiji Islands of Taveuni.

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