South Botswana

officially the Republic of Botswana (Tswana: Lefatshe la Botswana), is a landlocked country in southern Africa. This is Botswana, a country in the centre of southern Africa. Botswana, a landlocked country in southern Africa.

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The Botswana Rock Art. Botswana, these states seem to have kept large numbers of livestock in today's central district - apparently on a scale close to today's livestock population. Each of these different races was linked to trading lanes leading across the Limpopo River to the Indian Ocean, and merchandise from Asia such as pearls made their way to Botswana, probably in return for ivories, golden and rhinoceroses.

In 1824 the first writings about today's Botswana appeared. 24 ] This balance ended during the Mfecane era of 1823-1843, when a number of penetrating South African tribes came to the area. While the Bangwaketse were able to conquer the Bakololo invasion in 1826, over the years all the great chiefs in Botswana were assaulted, undermined, and poor.

In 1910, when the Union of Southern Africa was founded from the most important UK settlements in the area, the Bechuanaland Protectorate, Basutoland (now Lesotho) and Swaziland (the High Commission Areas) were not involved, but arrangements were made for their later uptake. Despite consecutive attempts by Southern Africa authorities to transfer the areas to their competence, the United Kingdom continued to delay; consequently, this never happened.

In 1948, the choice of the Nazi regime that initiated apartheid and South Africa's retreat from the Commonwealth in 1961 put an end to any prospects of Britain or these areas accepting inclusion in South Africa. In 1920, an extension of the UK power and the development of the clan administration led to the creation of two consultative committees representing both Africans and Europeans.

The United Kingdom adopted in June 1964 suggestions for Botswana's democracy. In 1965 the head of state was relocated from Mafikeng in South Africa to the recently founded Gaborone on the Botswana-South Africa boundary. In 2008, the Chairmanship was handed over to Ian Khama (son of the first President), who had assumed this civil function as Commander of the Botswana Defence Force since his resignation as Vice President Mogae's in 1998.

Botswana is the48th largest nation in the whole word with 581,730 square kilometres. The Kalahari Desert dominates Botswana and accounts for up to 70% of its area. Limpopo River Basin, the most important form of the entire South African continent, is situated partially in Botswana, with the basin of its rivers Notwane, Bonwapitse, Mahalapswe, Lotsane, Motloutse and Shashe in the east of the state.

Chobe River is situated in the northern part of Namibia and forms the border between Botswana and the Zambezi region. In Botswana there are different areas of game habitats. In northern Botswana there is one of the few large surviving stocks of the vulnerable Botswana deer. Further reservations are the Central Kalahari Game Reserve in the Kalahari desert in the Ghanzi District; Makgadikgadi Pans National Park and Nxai Pan National Park are in the Central District in the Makgadikgadi Pan.

The Mashatu Game Reserve is private property at the confluence of the Shashe River and Limpopo River in east Botswana. Botswana's constitutional state is a constitutional state that safeguards Botswana's residents and defends their civil liberties. Botswana's policy takes place within the context of a representatively constituted democracy in which the president of Botswana is both leader and prime minister as well as a multi-party system.

It is the federal administration that exercises exclusive powers. Legislation lies with both the Botswana administration and parliament. The Botswana Democratic party has been dominating the political system since the declaration of independency. Magistrates shall be nominated by the President of Botswana on the basis of a proposal from the Judicial Services Commission.

As regards the law practice, although the Law Society of Botswana has been in place since 1997[44], there is still no clear evidence in its register of lawyers of how certain demographic developments, such as discrimination against females, have occurred in the law area. Botswana had no military force at the moment of gaining sovereignty.

The Botswana Defence Force (BDF) was founded in 1977 only after the Rhodean and Southern African military attacked the Zimbabwe People's Revolutionary Army and Umkhonto we Sizwe[45] base. In Botswana, the term executions involves the use of the term hang. Botswana district. The nine Botswana counties are:

South District, Southeast District, Kweneng District, Kgatleng District, Central District (Central Serowe/Palapye, Central Mahalapye, Central Bobonong, Central Boteti and Central Tutume), Northeast District, Northwest District (Ngamiland District, Okavango District and Chobe District), Ghanzi District and Kgalagadi District (Kgalagadi South District and Kgalagadi North District). Botswana's councillors, which were formed from city or city councillors, are:

Graphic representation of Botswana's export products in 28 colourcoded categories. Botswana's Ministry of Trade and Industry is in charge of supporting commercial activity throughout the state. The International Monetary Fund estimates that between 1966 and 1999 the average annual rate of GDP expansion was over 9%. In comparison to other Africa nations, Botswana has a high degree of economical liberty.

54 ] The authorities have continued to pursue solid budgetary policies despite successive budgetary shortfalls in 2002 and 2003 and insignificant external indebtedness. 55 ] The Botswana Regional Reserve acts as the Federal Reserve. Botswana is the national currency. Botswana must be used. Although Botswana is generally open to overseas involvement in its business sector, it does reserve some industries for its people.

In Botswana, we import sophisticated oil and power from South Africa. Botswana's Department of Mines[60] and Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security[61], headed by Hon Sadique Kebonang in Gaborone, manage mine information across the state. Debswana, the biggest Botswana based diamonds firm, is 50% publicly held.

62 ] The minerals industries account for about 40% of total state revenue. A number of multinational coal companies have set up their local head offices in Botswana, searching for diamond, Gold, uranium, Cu and even petroleum, many of which are returning with good results. In early 2009, the Botswana authorities said they would try to reduce their dependency on diamond imports out of great fear that Botswana will see diamond drying out over the next twenty years.

Most of Botswana's ethnical group is the Botswana tribe, which accounts for 79% of the people. Botswana's India is made up of many Indians of several different ages, some of whom have emigrated from Mozambique, Kenya, Tanzania, Mauritius, South Africa, etc., as well as first-generation people. Botswana's main formal idiom is English, although Setswana is widely used throughout the state.

Among these are Bo, which relates to the land, Ba, which relates to the nation, Mo, which is a character, and Se, which is the speech. The most important Botswana ethnical group, for example, is the Tswana tribe, hence the name Botswana for its state. In Botswana other tongues are Kalanga (sekalanga), Sarwa (sesarwa), Ndebele, !

Setswana not only refers to the languages of the predominant Botswana communities, but is also the term used to describe the wealthy culture tradition of the Botswana bath - whether as members of the Tswana tribe or of all Botswanaans. Botswana most strains have different ways of greeting each other, but for simple communications and connectivity use a three-way handshake or you can simply salute another by saying "Dumelang" to say "hello" without having to use handshakes.

There are two Botswana TV channels, one of which is in the possession of the Botswana authorities (Botswana Television); five radios and seven papers that produce news each week. North of Botswana, Etsha and Gumare village wives are known for their ability to make basketry from mokola palms and locally sourced colorants.

Craftsmanship of these basket is constantly developed through use of colours and design as they are more and more manufactured for global use. Thamaga Pottery and Oodi Weavers, both situated in the southeastern part of Botswana, are other remarkable artisans. Botswana and Southern Africa's oldest pictures show hunters, animals and humans and were made by the Khoisan (! Kung San/Bushmen) over twenty thousand years ago in the Kalahari Sahara.

Botswana's kitchen is one of a kind, but also has some features with other southern African cuisines. Botswana foodstuffs such as peppers (maize porridge), boilerewors, steam, magwinya (baked pastry bread) and worm pods are just a few typical Botswana products. Among Botswana's singular foodstuffs are sickwaa, strongly salt meats. Soccer is the most favourite game in Botswana and qualifying for the 2012 African Cup of Nations is the highest performance by the country to date.

Another favourite sport is soccer, crime, tenis, rugby, Badminton, hand ball, volleyball, gulf and athletics. 72 ][73] Botswana is an associated member of the International Cricket Council. In 1991 Botswana became a member of the International badminton Federation and the Africa badminton Federation. Botswana Golf Union provides an international golfer's club where players play against each other in competitions and masterships.

In 2012, Botswana won the country's first Olympics Medal, when Nijel Amos, a skater, won 800 meters of medals. Amantle Montsho became the 2011 400m long Amantle Montsho Winner and won Botswana's first ever track and field championship. Building of the new and old Botswana Universities. Botswana's economy has been growing positively for the United States.

Because of the diamond discoveries and the associated rise in state revenues, the education offered in the land increased enormously. About half of the world' s primary education system continues to attend two years of primary education, resulting in the Botswana General Certificate of Secondary Education (BGCSE).

Botswana does not have a free or mandatory high school diploma. They visit the Studenten besuchen die Universität of Botswana, das Botswana College of Agriculture, die Botswana International Universität of Science and Technology und das Botswana Accountancy College in Gaborone. Botho is the first privately run institution in the state to offer bachelor's degrees in accounting, business and computer science.

Limkokwing is another internationally active institution, the Limkokwing Union of creative technology, which provides various associated degree programs in the field of creativity. Other universities are Ba Isago, ABM College, the biggest college for economics and managers, New Era, Gaborone Institute of Professional Studies, Gaborone College of Law And Professional Studies etc.

The overwhelming majorities of these pupils are supported by the state. Botswana's second major global campus, the Botswana lnternational Union of Science and Technology, was finished in Palapye in 2011. Botswana in January 2006 promised the re-introduction of tuition rates after two years of free state education[81], although the Botswana authorities still award full grants with a cost of living to every Botswana resident at the universities, either at the Botswana universities or, if the pupil wants to complete an apprenticeship in a nonlocal subject, such as medical science, he or she is granted a full grant to go abroad. began to cut it in the end of the 80s.

Possible causes for Botswana's high HIV incidence are simultaneous relationships, transitional and intergenerational relationships, and a significant number of individuals traveling outside their community to seek work. Botswana Tourist Organization[88] is the nation's leading tourist group. Lion park resort[89] is Botswana's first ever theme and leisure resort and organizes activities such as family birthdays.

Further Botswana goals are the Gaborone Yacht Club and the Kalahari Fishing Club as well as nature features like the Gaborone Dam and the Mokolodi Nature Reserve. Botswana Golf Union (BGU) maintains some course. 90 ] The Phakalane Golfe Estate is a multi-million club house that provides both accommodation and clubrooms.

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