Bora Bora Wedding

The Bora Bora Wedding

Flying to Tahiti to celebrate your wedding in luxurious St. Regis Bora Bora. Telephone number of the wedding planner: Reserve now and save your stay at magnifique Sofitel Bora Bora Marara Beach Resort. This breathtaking wedding was organized by a diving club called Top Dive, which introduced a new concept for wedding tourism in French Polynesia. Her whole romantic atmosphere and imagination is dedicated to the details of this ideal wedding, the wedding dress, the place of the ceremony and the reception.

Weddings, anniversaries, vows renewal in Bora Bora

THE WEDDING IS THE SPECIAL OF AFFAIRS, possessed by a uniquely untouched nature with the most breathtaking lake in the worid, magnificent moto, lined with sand & mystical mighty mountains, Bora Bora is full of an irresistible power that radiates romanticism and sentiment. Celebrations are held in the best places of Bora Bora - on magnificent moto' s (islets), on spectacular beaches and lagoons or on board luxurious boats, while you navigate in class on the incomparable beauties of the extraordinary Bora Bora Laguna.

They are all ignored by the stunning mountains of the mythic Mt. Otemanu, where it is said that Bora Bora has been descented on a rainy bow; all testified by beautiful sundowns behind the mystic Raiatea & Tahaa. Kokolani Entreprise, the leader of such service in Bora Bora, carries out the festivities.

Bora Bora's top photography, make-up and hairstyling professionals are the only ones who work. Mayor of Bora Bora). Guided on a personal motorcycle, not just on a part of your property - there is no way that other people will overlook your particular & personal wedding ceremonies. Wellcome to paradise, to this breathtaking present from Mother Nature, which is Bora Bora.

The Bora Bora is the embodiment of the romantic!

The Bora Bora is the embodiment of the romantic! At first glance Bora Bora is true and once seen is never forgot. Is there a better place to commemorate your passion, a landmark or a renewal of your vow? With breakfast with the jetty to your surface chalet, dinners on the shore or on your surface decks, an intimate shore service or a big party, you wish is our commando and the staff of the Resorts is here to make your dreams come true.

Bora Bora Four Seasons Wedding

Bora Bora is perhaps the most wonderful place in the world to get marrie. Well, most folks think of it as a retreat target. Do you know that it is becoming more and more important as a wedding venue, especially for those who want to make their wedding and our wedding weekend an memorable one?

Choosing a Four Seasons Bora Bora wedding, they stayed for their Honeymoon a few week later. The Bora Bora is an Pacific Ocean based 45 flight min. from the Tahiti continent. As Bora Bora Bora Bora seems and still does, it is actually a surprise near Los Angeles - only 2 or 3 additional hrs on the airplane than in Hawaii.

As soon as you have landed in Bora Bora, it is a brief boating or ferrying trip to one of the hotel. The majority of the pictures below were taken on their wedding anniversary. Photographs of them carrying the old tradition wedding parous (white sheets) and where they are in the sea were taken the next morning, where we spend a lot of our days avoiding the ditch.

During the Four Season, the whole workforce was overwhelmed. We would like to thank everyone at the Four Seasons Bora Bora Bora, especially Marie Perrier, Aurélie and Melissa Lorenz. As a matter of fact, they are traveling for most of their marriages. Please click on the following links to see more international marriages.

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