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Check out these destinations for the Bora Bora experience without a price tag. What fun would that be as a huge family vacation! Bora Bora's beauties in comparison to Hawaii - Bora Bora Forum

It' nice, yes, but it's not FP. Bora Bora has an indescribable beauty of the laguna. While in Kaui, we planned our next journey back to FP. Once in FP, we don't plan anything except when to snorkel or dive more and where to go for our next rehearsal of Pissonru.

It was our first journey to FP, every single tag had this wow-fact. Wonderful beaches, nice sands, great snorkelling and a really quite sheltered area with the dive area. There are as few waves problems as in Hawaii. But even there we talked about our next FP-journey.

Bora Bora Laguna is really one of the most wonderful places we have ever seen.

Bora Bora Bora itinerary of a giant flu-drug

From a long journey to Bora Bora the landings are a different world. Directly from a post card, the isle is full of palms, clear water, above-water balows and a hill in the faraway. and Jules packaging tip: You will also need to grab 2-3 good pairs of pierced ears and barrels of delicate jewellery to make the most of your outing... is intimate, tranquil and gives you immediate sea acces.

When you book one of these cottages, you can be sure that you have a dignified holiday. The Four Seasons offer snorkeling sharks and stingrays. I loved the trip with the jets on the whole islands. It' been such an epinephrine blast through the water!

" In addition to trying out all the impossible freshness and talking to the knowledgeable personnel, you will want to discover this unbelievable isle. As Jules Tip says: "The sunset, the clear water, the never-ending palms, the clean sands, the lovely bungalow, the eating and drinking and the hot personnel have made this Bora Bora adventure a real adventure in my top 3 locations!

" If you don't swim with a shark, a relaxed beach is the best "activity", because that's a holiday, isn't it? Fingers down to order the pina colada! "Set off and detoxify the pina colada with a visit to the spas (green teas and gherkin jellyfish won't give you a hangover).

My second favourite moments were the spas massage we got as a pair. Situated in a hidden corner of a lake, it was tranquil and the ideal tidbit to begin or end the outing. Julia's photo tip: "Sunsets are certainly better in Bora Bora.

Palms against the sunset were my favourite photos!

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