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The Bora Bora Apartments

Get your holiday home today and have the perfect trip. Fare Aroha, two houses in Polynesian style, with tropical garden, view of the lagoon, discover the wonders of Bora Bora. The Bora Bora Lower is a bright and airy holiday home located directly on the popular Paynes Bay Beach on the west coast of Barbados. This bungalow was beautiful and a perfect and relaxing way to end our holiday. Bora Bora House, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia.

The Bora Bora Apartments -

Let's face it, the big Bora Bora resort is a great place to be, but it's certainly not inexpensive. Another more reasonable option is to spend the day in a holiday home on the principalland. FlipKey offers several Bora Bora holiday apartments to you. You can spend almost a whole weekend in a holiday apartment for the cost of one overnight in an above-water cottage in the largeresort.

How long do you plan to be in Bora Bora? 2 Berth Matira Beach House (from $350/night) - Matira Beach House is a gorgeous, recently quoted and uncommon holiday home on the beach of Matira's worlds renowned beach at Bora Bora. Two-berth Bora Bungalove'too'(From $201/night) - You will live in a cottage on the edge of the lake, almost above water.

Irrespective of the cottage, it has its own bathroom, WC and canteen. Bora Bora Lady (from $163/night) 1 berth - Great seaside residence in a peaceful and comfortable environment, perfect for a vacation with your loved ones or mates. 1 Berth Bora Bora Chalet ('295/night and up) - First Chalet.

Nicely landscaped bungalows in a landscaped area with magnificent lake and motus gorge. Only a few footsteps from the lake. From $337/night 2 Berth - One of the most stunning Lagunas in the Arctic from the emerald sea and with an extraordinary sight of the majestic moto ( "coral islands to sandy beach with cocco palms") bungalows is completely self contained.

2 Berth Bora Bungalove (from $103/night) - Situated in an enchanting gardens with waterfalls and gold fish ponds on the outskirts of the lake with breathtaking vistas over Teivaroa and Maupiti over Teivanui, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. Fetia Iti Villa (from $240/night) 2 beds - This very luxurious villa with a view of the crystalline water of the lake provides unbelievable scenic sundowns as well as plenty of private space, making it the ideal place for honeymoons and family.

2 Berth Villa Ahuna (from $500/night) - Escape to your own Polynesian villa on Motu Ahuna and experience the luxury, insulated sanctum of your tropical cuisine on Bora Bora, one of the most exquisite and exquisite islands in the underworld. Vahimanui Villa (from $240/night) 2 Berth - This very upscale villa with views of the crystalline water of the lake provides unbelievable scenic views and plenty of intimacy, making it the ideal place for honeymoons and family.

From $375/night, Marlon Brando's Bungalow has 2 beds - James Michener named Bora Bora `The most beautyful isle in the canyon. The Bora Bora is one of the Society Islands in the South Pacific, with Tahiti being the biggest. 450/Night Black Pearl Luxury Bungalow 1 Berth - This is a luxury offer.

There is a beautiful roofed patio with a view of the lake and the beautiful islets, only a few hundred meters away, completely equipped with high-quality garden furnishings and kitchen. Detached house (from $320/night) 2 berth - house in Bora Bora's @ol is vast sandy beach, secluded, quiet & inviolable. Wherefore select an apartment?

The Bora Bora apartments offer you the possibility to discover the islands at your own speed. You will also be informed about many of the available trips on the islands, as well as the large resort area. There are even holiday apartments with bikes or scooter for you to discover the isle.

Me and Jessica spent a whole weekend in a vacation home and we used to love it. With a little more cash the owners gave us a rented vehicle with which we could buy food, circumnavigate the islands and visit all the places of interest. This was a great chance to see Bora Bora from a regional view.

When the apartment has no direct entrance to the laguna, no problems. You will find a beautiful place to observe the sundown. The sand is unbelievably clear. TryAdvisor has the largest list of houses, flats and exceptional rentals list by the owners. It is of similar qualitiy to the large resort, but at a small part of the cost.

So, I would be browsing through the available vacation rent choices on FlipKey if you are considering to visit Bora Bora on a Budget.

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