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"...thanks to our travel agent, we've been given special treatment everywhere. Do you have a recommendation for a travel agent?

We' had a great time in Bora in St. Regis. The Pacific for Less travel agency took all the work out of our travel planning. When you book as a travel agency for your customer, you can enter your account number on the reservation form under'Special accounts'.

Do I need a travel agency? - Forum Bora Bora

Do I need a travel agency? I' m at the beginning of my plans for a twilight getaway to Bora Bora next July. Is a travel agency really necessary? I' ve achieved some and their prices are not very competitively priced in comparison to what I can book directly from the resorts.

I' m book my trips to Bora Bora with my points, so I only need the plane to Bora Bora. Do I need a travel agency? Remember, a good agent can provide you with all types of precious room categories upgrade and discounts (free spas, specific meal, etc.) that you may not be able to get on your own.

If you compare prices......make sure you include ALL tax and the costs of the transfer by ferry between the beach and the beach and if your price include breakfast. Remember that the RT between PPT and Bora Bora is about $500 per passenger. And.... also remember, if you do it yourself.... you will be on your own to cope with any changes you have to make if you have a situation or there is a strikes or something like that.

To have a good agent to do your filthy work for you when there are problems is inestimable! Do I need a travel agency? It is important to keep ALL the booking information in mind when you do it yourself - land transfer, ferry transfer, inter-island flight, etc... and this can be boring and bewildering on your first journey to FP.

Like Patti points out, a TA can a so you get some favors and bannies that you don't get by signing up yourself. To find a Tiare accredited and trusted Tahiti expert, please visit Inquire of any prospective agent for a land-only parcel; they are used to negotiating with people who have reserved their internat.

Do I need a travel agency? Do I need a travel agency? Reservations through a travel agency are always an open issue. Enjoying the tutoring on how to book our own packages, I usually find it cheaper and better suited to our own tastes. Do I need a travel agency?

For our 11th journey, in March 2014, I fixed the price with my regular travel agent and then made my own bookings. It was *not* for my first journey I wanted to make myself - it was too much, which I did not fully grasp, as far as the functioning of Franco Polynesia, inter-island flights, transfer etc. is concerned.

You have to know your own travel styles and, yes, how much travel you can spend. To me, my travel agency and their packer (Pleasant) came in $ 1500 higher than DIY and I chose DIY. I' ve been comparing their parcel rates with other Tiare accredited agencies in recent years and they are so competitively priced.....

I would suggest to reach some (3-5) of the Tiare-certified agencies on the above page. Inquire them to calculate exactly the same itinerary. Take a close look at the enclosures - for example: transfer, travel assurance, extra. The flight between the islands flies around $500 USD/person to Bora Bora. Bora Bora Hotel Transfer, provided you are accommodated at a higher level hotel, usually $100-150 USD/person round the world.

Then check if the travel agency parcels contain travel insurances (prolly $250-350 for your parcel) and all groceries. Do I need a travel agency? The Ia Orana, TA provides every traveler with a lot of advice, the web now provides a tool that was only available to pros a few years ago. When you contact a travel agency, what do you need to know?

A number of our operatives are also part of the consortia that have pre-negotiated advantages (American Express, Virtuoso, etc....), e.g. slow checkout, breakfasts etc. This same agent also knows the entrances and exits of most destinations and what to reserve as if it were your own itinerary. Nobody wants to spend more than they should, not to forget that a Tahiti expert would provide a peaceful atmosphere for those times when something is not going as well as it would be for a place, a plane, a service and anything else that falls into the world.

And not only in cash, but also for the amount of travel planning you' re going to have to do if something doesn't work out. Do I need a travel agency? Do I need a travel agency? "and Bora Bora are about $500 a man. "Do you think that from PPT to Bora Bora costs $500 per passenger (45 minutes flight)?

Do I need a travel agency? Round-trip fares for one passenger from PPT to Bora Bora are usually around $500 per group. I' m taking a 45-minute plane ride. Do I need a travel agency?

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