Bora Bora Tahiti Honeymoon

The Bora Bora Tahiti Honeymoon

" We went to French Polynesia for our honeymoon and got married in Bora Bora. and Tahiti~ the ultimate romantic holiday. Polynesia honeymoon, Tahiti, Bora Bora. From Tahiti to Moorea and Bora Bora - the names remind of an island paradise, exotic days, romantic nights and South Seas adventures. Let's go to the Bora Bora honeymoon.

2016/2017 Tahiti Luxury Honeymoon | Turquoise Holidays

Tahiti is without a doubt the quintessence of the South Seas, which requires a luxurious honeymoon, described by many as the last paradise on earth. Rescue Bora Bora or Tahaaf for your above-water adventure and go to the Moorea beaches!

Leave the bench and begin your marriage on top - visit The Brando on Tetiaroa - the home of the deceased Marlon Brando! One of the first to see the most glamourous seaside Tahitian islands on the coast - it can only be reached by airplane from Tahiti!

Created as a product of hundreds of years of volcano EDM, the exceptionally varied Tahiti Island (118 of them, to be precise) are distributed across five very different, far-flung groups of archipelagoes called Society, Tuamotu, Marquesas and the lesser-known Australians and Gambians. Air Tahiti, the regional carrier, is the closest means of transportation between the island - but for those who like to be on the sea, there are several possibilities.

Or, if cruising is more your thing - just think of getting into Raiatea with your own boat and landing at the barge of your Bora Bora hotels three nights later! Tahiti, the biggest and most important gate isle, but also the wonderful Moorea, Huahine, Bora Bora and Tahaa islets, whose luxuriant mountain scenery is encircled by the tranquil water of an emerging green lake, are the principal archipelagos of the Society Islets.

He has made a number of well-known and well-documented journeys over many month at sea, but today this voyage lasts about 23 hrs on a London-Los Angeles-flights. While English is widely used in most of the hotel and restaurant areas, French and Italian are the main language areas.

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