Bora Bora Packages

Bora Bora Packages

SMAS! Paris Polynesia Island Hoppers for ?1486! Moorea, Bora Bora, Maupiti, Raiatea and Tahiti!

For only ?1486 with Air France and Air Tahiti, 5 Isles of Polynesia in a Paris journey! The Polynesian Triangle is known for its paradisiacal lagoon, sandy beach and unspoilt nature, with over 1,000 islets spread across the Pacific Ocean, both in the south and the centre.

It' s simple to understand why this beautiful and remote area of the globe is so popular with travelers, from vacation paradises like Bora Bora and Tahiti to the Hawaiian and Easter Isle. When you' ve dreamed of blue coloured lakes, sandy and sandy beach, steep cliffs and luxuriant scenery, you won't find anything better than this jewel of an isle.

Mo'orea floats less than 20 km above the "Sea of the Moon" of its big brother, Tahiti, and welcomes its many guests so charmingly that it seems unexpectedly untouristic. In such a beautiful environment Bora Bora is a wedding traveler's option. Scuba-dive, snorkeling, lagoons trips, walking and para-sailing are possible. Isle of Bora Bora is a peaceful one.

Born Bora Boras discrete little sibling, Maupiti, is one of the most beautiful Isles in Polynesia. There is a gleaming lake with every colour from red to blue, a perfectly ring of isles with sandbanks, palms that lean over the bank and large flowerbeds. If you want to gamble, there's just the right amount of activity to keep you alive, from hiking and lake trips to scuba and canoeing.

Ra'iatea and Taha'a are surrounded by a shared laguna, but the two isles could not be more different. Ra'iatea is high, impressive and autonomous, has the second largest city in Polynesia after Pape'ete and is regarded by many as the intellectual capital of the Polynesian Triangle. Taha'a, on the other side, has gracefully low rolling hillocks, is renowned for its sweet-smelling custard and is probably the calmest of the Society Isle.

They are the perfect places to discover a mystical and rugged Polynesia. Tahiti's lack of vast sandy shores is offset by shady hills full of waterfalls, unpretentious beauty, protected sandy blacks, protected blues and a decidedly Polish, contemporary flair. It is the centre of the island, where the civilizations of all the archipelago mix in the cacophonic, powdery, yet smiled, energy-packed city of Pape'ete.

Out of town, take a 4-wheel drive to discover the majesty of the mountains, immerse yourself in the transparent lake, hike through mystic archeological places and go whalewatching from July to October. Staying in a sanctuary or going to Tahiti Iti to live a more authentic lifestyle - all of Tahiti's major cities and cities are crossed by plane, and it would be a disgrace to miss such an important part of the area' s culture mosaic.

Accomodation:In Bora Bora we recommend a stay at Hotel Maitai Polynesia. The Maitai Polynesia is located in the southern part of Bora Bora at Matira Point Beaches. There is a wide range of rooms with a view of the gardens or lagoons and chalets with either over the sea or directly to the sea. When in Moorea, you should stay in Village Temanoha with outstanding ratings.

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