Bora Bora on the Globe

The Bora Bora on the globe

It' probably the most beautiful island in the world. The Bora Bora is one of the scenic wonders of the world. The north-western island Bora Bora (above in the picture) is also surrounded by a coral reef. Polynesia Bora Bora map printing for your home or office from real high-resolution satellite images. By courtesy of St.

Regis Bora Bora Resort.

The most photographed place in the world. London? Wasn' t so much

Some less scandalous messages have recently named the breathtaking Bora Bora Bora the most photographical place in the world in a poll published by More than 700 competitors contributed to the fact that the Frensh Polyynesian Islands came to the top thanks to its crystal-clear water and its above-water shelters.

It is also our readers' favourite Australian and Pacific islands and the fifth most popular of them. At the top of the "nice list" are Bora Bora with other similarly sun-drenched and sea-flanked places like Australia's Great Barrier Reef (#2), Bali (#4), Santorini (#11) and Maldives (#12), all of which are on our own lists of the best islands in the run.

Unfortunately, Detroit, which has been classified as the least photographically photographed town in the worid, holds up the back end of the ranking. To a certain extent, we can see that Motority has also proved infamous among our readership. She was eighth in our own poll on The most unfriendly cities in the word, and one of our editors considered her an "armpit of the world" - so we get her, so to speak.

The second least photographic place in the word was London. Anyway, despite the doubtful honour, the tourist industry in England's capitol shows no sign of a slowdown (and for the record, we think it's much nicer).

Iceland Getaways Bora Bora | World Travel Magazine

Bora Bora is a great place to get lost, from walking in luxuriant mountain ranges to snorkeling with the shark. A 4×4 sightseeing trip takes you through wonderful countryside, horseback riding up the hills for a panorama view, learning some story with a stop at World War II canons, visiting antique churches and getting a foretaste of traditional handicrafts markets.

It has some of the most luxury destinations in the intercontinental region, such as Hilton Conrad Bora Bora Nui Reserve, the newest 5-star holiday complex in Polynesia. Obviously, it wouldn't be a trip without a break to try some exhilarating new food. Bora Bora is a gastronomic holiday region with fruit, shellfish and cakes.

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