Bora Bora Leeward Islands French Polynesia

Isle of Bora Bora Leeward French Polynesia

The Thierry's house is located in Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia. Get the best deal for the Four Seasons Resort Bora Bora in Vaitape (Leeward Islands) on KAYAK. Vaitape, French Polynesia. The Edwards house is located in Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, French Polynesia. Situated on a small private island between the Leeward Islands in French Polynesia.

A tropical beach, Bora Bora, Leeward Islands, Society Islands,....

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Leeward Islands Top 10 Airbnb Apartments, French Polynesia

Start your trip to the Royal House of the Leeward Islands in this beautiful guest house! An unspoilt, world-class residence from top to bottom, this mansion offers all the conveniences you are looking for to make your own when you visit French Polynesia. There are two people who will be able to enjoy a relaxing time in a separate room with bath and will have no trouble making a first rate sojourn.

On site you will find Wi-Fi Wi-Fi, a swimmingpool and deck, launderette, TV and a notebook workstation for businesspassen! With a well-equipped cuisine, all our clients can prepare their own food, and your front doorstep is not far from all the top Leeward Islands sights!

They are near the islands of Tahaa and Huahine! The Leeward Islands are the perfect place for you if you are looking for a wonderful and welcoming holiday that offers all the comforts of home! This is an insular home, well cared for by a kind owner who is ready to respond to all your local needs, with local TV, launderette, essential equipment and wireless broadband to keep you in touch with the outside world while you are on the move.

There is also free car park on the site and a swimmingpool which is great for chilling out during the hottest summer months in French Polynesia. Every breakfast is served every day, and a well-stocked food service is the ideal place to prepare your meal. Surrounded by a picturesque landscape of lagoons, this privately owned Leeward Island studios is unique in offering you a successful holiday every single year.

There are up to three other special guest who can join you to make two single rooms and two single bedded rooms the ideal place to spend a lifetime in French Polynesia. There is wireless Wi-Fi, a well-equipped cuisine, essential items, linen and a TV, the ideal way to chat after a long, busy days on the Leeward Islands.

Take this genuine pretext for adventures near the city centre and world-class dining and business the next trip past the spectacular tourist port, the Leeward Islands! As many as four people will experience a vibrant taste of local warmth when they characterise their successful holiday in the area.

The property has a jetty in clear water where you can swim in all the areas your hearts desire. You will be able to discover the sensitive waterways of the nearby areas; you will also be equipped with basic necessities, WiFi and a well-equipped cuisine.

The Bora Bora Bora privileges of an apartment are here to completely re-define your appreciation of French -Polynesian tradition of accommodation. The property also provides the use of A/C, launderette, TV and free WiFi to you. Are you the guy who is likely to climb into the undergrowth to discover the French Polynesian areas that fully qualified as adventures for themselves, then this is the holiday you want to make your own!

Bora Bora offers all the comforts of a home, complete with launderette, Wi-Fi and TV, the property itself has a homely ambience and selected facilities. Affordably priced and available for up to two people, this holiday is not far from the town and the varied range of boutiques.

France-Polynesia has something very particular to recommend to those who are looking for a one-of-a-kind stay: this swimming resort on the Leeward Islands! In fact, this privately owned space is in the centre of a vessel, but be sure it offers all the comforts you need to make your next future visit to the area a success.

There is room for two on board, as well as a fully equipped galley and the permission of domestic animals on the swimming plot! there is also a fully equipped galley on board your house by the sea so that you can prepare all your food on site if you wish. When you want to move outside this hovering remembrance, you can be sure that there are a number of places to eat and shop nearby, in the centre of the city.

The bungalows are uniquely suited to provide a successful holiday for up to four people. You will have full site coverage, including a workplace for local laptop computers and businesses, as well as local CATV, linen, and uninterrupted local Wi-Fi connectivity.

You will also get the most important things of the shore, everything you need for a wonderful and inviting holiday while you insert your legs in silk-sand! The room is specially designed for our customers all year round, so you can be sure that your hospitable staff know exactly how to offer a successful holiday to all potential newcomers.

You will never have to do without luxuries in the area, from the well-stocked cuisine to the cosy lounge and even local Wi-FiInt. Simple to furnish, but basically one-of-a-kind, this successful Bora Bora experience allows you to have more cash in your own purse than you ever thought possible.

Affordably priced and willing to set up new recollections of the area, this two bedroom chalet offers up to five people with a en-suite bath, the ideal backdrop for all the regeneration you are looking for to make your own while you enjoy French Polynesia. you will find free on-site car parks, as well as free Wi-Fi connection, a well-equipped cuisine and launderette, all of which are awaiting you, and you are welcome to take the plunge into the town, where you will find all the regional eateries, boutiques and leisure facilities that should stand for a successful Leeward Island sojourn!

The Leeward Islands, from its picturesque vistas to its simple accessibility to the nearby beach, are a great holiday destination for those who want to discover the taste of regeneration that French Polynesia has always wanted. See for yourself why the Airbnb experience is the best way to make your French Polynesia flight an unforgettable experience!

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