Bora Bora Land

The Bora Bora Land

As soon as you have landed in Bora Bora, it is a short boat or ferry ride to one of the hotels. Hardies @ Tokotoko Navua (Free residential area near the beach. WASTED LAND is an art project that combines music, opera singing, contemporary dance and video projections. A romantic evening at St. Regis Bora Bora Bora Bora Visit Bora Bora?

By land I mean a private beach villa!

Explore Bora Bora Tour: Excursions through history and culture

Luxuriant emerald green foliage spreads across the tropical rain forest area in the centre of Bora Bora. Turquoise, Indian and Saphir gleam against sandy whitey shores. Fragrance of coconuts, pineapples and mangos overtakes the semi-sweet flavour of the South Seas. You will land at Bora Bora airport and a personal shuttle will take you across the beautiful Laguna to your luxurious destination.

They set up in an above-water stateroom, an iconical picture of convenience in the islands' heaven. Scented Tiare Tahiti flowers on the edge of the rain forest and shady palm trees throw shadows over the sands. Quiet waters curl against the pillars of your bungalows and the smell of wild berries and guavas hangs in the outdoors.

Treat yourself to a fresh, foamy capuccino before you meet your tour leader in the foyer for an all-day 4x4 envoy around the centre of Bora Bora. You' ll be crossing the lake and boarding the Vaitape AGV. You' ll find a seller who offers tasty Bananas from the fruits picked on the islands.

Taharuuu Marae Point offers a panoramic sight of the lake. Tree frames the gaze around the navy cannons that the US Navy brought to the Isle at the beginning of the Second World War. It' s easily imaginable that emperor ship from Japan will come nearer to the coast of Bora Bora and French Polynesia on the skyline.

You' ll drive further into the interior of the Faanui Valley. There is a near forest estate harvesting mangoes and chestnuts from the coconut tree that grows on the edge of a town. Morninglight is washing over the pale colours of the Bora Bora Laguna islands indigenous and cyan. The small farmhouses in the centre of the isle are grazed by cow and lamb, and the citrusy, fresh and freshly baked juice from the ocean gives a pleasant fragrance to the fruit.

Following your breakfasts, take a speed boat and head to the Laguna to start your snorkel trip through the Laguna in quest of magnificent cayaca. You' ll drive to the drop-off to find huge mantas and black tip shark, both part of the important erosion. L├Ąppwasser provides a calm, rhythmical backdrop for the jingling music.

Come aboard the ship for a personal tour at the edge of the Laguna and unwind in the cool dawn breeze and the soothing tune of the waters. Go back to the top of your bungalows to find your own luxurious breakfasts, with the smell of Guave disappearing under the smell of crisp, smooth cappuccinos.

At the end of your wonderful dinner, the rest of the morning is at your disposal for a deep enjoyment in the splendour of Bora Bora. Bicycle along the coast streets of the major isle, or plunge your feet into the warm sand on the secluded banks of Eden Beach. You will climb a Polyynesian boom to circumnavigate the Bora Bora rims in the afternoons.

Its astonishing colours create an atmosphere to remember before you arrive at a seafront restaurante that fills the atmosphere with scented coconuts, cloves and limes. Paddleboarders ride into the calm water of the lake in the mornings, savouring the gently backwashing water and the sun. Both Otemanu and Pahia summits rise above the island's coast and adopt an ever-present tragic attitude from all angles.

You' ve learnt to take your own leisure in Bora Bora. You have become used to enjoying the little joys of insularity, from the delicious fragrance of coconuts to the herbal, sugary fragrance of frankie. In Vaitape harbour, after having finished your breakfasts, you will go to see the Lagoonarium, an open tank surrounded by a small islet on the outskirts of the lake.

At the end of your morning breakfasts, you will take a trip to the Bora Bora region for a more private experience with the area. Coco palm produces juicy stone fruits, and the fruits of its dangly fruits glow bright red and cream. Artefacts that go back more than 2,000 years still remain hidden in the undergrowth and under the awning.

On to the Mount Pahia platform. They look beyond the summit of Mount Otemanu to the adjacent indigos, sapphires and turquoises of the lagoons and the South Pacific. Bora Bora continues to beckon you in majesty, from the tropic fishing littered cliffs to the pleasant heat of the surrounding warmth as you dive into the lake.

The aroma of refreshingly refreshing morning tea rejuvenates you after the morning's adventures on Mount Pahia. At the end of your dinner you will depart the coast of your hotel to start your half-day water -skiing experience around the water. This trip will make your mind beat fast with adrenaline.

They race across the glazed water surfaces while palm trees rustling in the wind along the sand of the tranquil islands. Mt Otemanu's mighty summit is growing and shrinking around the scenic lake as you manoeuvre. You will be guided along the coast of Bora Bora to an orchard.

They are meeting with local people who like to show how to shell a chocolate with coconuts. The coconuts are then peeled over a stone, cutting the fruits in half, using the razor blade to remove the skin from the tasty one. You can taste the milky taste and the fine taste of chocolate will fill your taste buds.

Lounges in the early hours of the day, rinsing over the waters and countryside, accentuating the deep blues of the lake. A piece of colored igneous bone is added between the green baldachin of the palm trees and the green sea. France-Polynesia is renowned for beads, and the Bora Bora provides a wealth of breathtaking gemstones to marvel at before you go home.

On to Bora Bora airport for your home trip, with memorable moments and the simple elegance of a single bead.

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