Bora Bora Jungle

The Bora Bora Jungle

The WWII pages contain a series of military bunkers hidden in the jungle. Withdraw from the world in spacious suites and private villas in the jungle. Image of the jeep in Bora Bora. Throw a jungle tour, tourist activity stock photo, pictures and stock photography. Imagined the tropical jungle and the lagoon.

Tahiti jungle retreat! - Reweirospective on Rohotu Fare, Bora Bora Bora Bora

The inn was a perfection in every way. We first approached at noon and when the shuttles took us on a country lane behind an apparently not ideal hotel, we were a little sceptical. However, this immediately turned around when the proprietor of the chalet, who was right there awaiting us, took our pockets and drove us into the jungle.

All I want to say is that it was a great outdoor adventure showering under countless private vegetation with a girl poured warm jug of mud. Arriving later in the night and too late for supper, our guest gave us noodles, butters, cheeses and balls, all for free, and we prepared a fast meal in the well-equipped cuisine that was more than satifie.

We were pampered in the mornings with one of these wonderful tropic moments, straight from a Hollywood film. So we decided to spend the two and a half days/three night and only went out for a meal and a fast lunch (to which our boss took me).

Djungle safari | Bora Bora Adventures | Hanging with the natives

That was a rather dramatic date. We' re gonna have to go on a jungle safari and hook up with some nice people. The high points were the prospects, getting to know all the relicts of the Second World War and of course the encounter with some rather chilly natives who wanted to be taken in while they played and sang.

Friends of the locals!

Jungle fun, our must.

It has a round centre ceiling that gathers rain water which is useful for our treatment. Sainte-Marie's luxuriant natural environment, known for its indigenous vegetation, is referred to as the "jungle". Jungle fun, our must. Next, a fierce honeysweeping to soften the area. Our homemade and plant-made produce will give you tone and goodness.

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