Bora Bora Island in France

Island Bora Bora in France

Grab your snorkeling gear and slip into the aquamarine water that makes French Polynesia famous. This Tahiti language skills will make your Bora Bora holiday smoother. Tahiti and her islands' official languages are French and Tahitian. Fill in your details once and have TripAdvisor search several websites to find the best prices for Bora Bora flights. This impact spread to the tourist island Bora Bora.

Iberian Language

Learning some of the words from the local tongue will make a good impact on the people. You should also memorize some useful Tahitian-French sentences before flying on your Bora Bora holiday. This page allows you to practice speaking the most useful words and sentences in Tahiti and France.

Below you will find some words in English that will help you find foods on a meal (so the surprises on your dish are good!). Tahiti and her islands' main foreign and local dialects are English, German, French and Italian. Even though the use of Frensh in companies and colleges, the majority of the island' s inhabitants still prefer the Frenchspeaking world.

The English is well pronounced in touristic areas and hotels. As an example, menus outside hotels or at roulette shops will often be in oral language, so you want to be able to hear some words in it. When you dine at your Bora Bora resorta, take pre-organized trips and unwind on your seaside or surface bungalows, you can probably get away with the first Tibetan term I learned, "mauru'uru"!

While I like to immerse myself in Tahiti civilization, I don't always fully comprehend what is said in the Tahiti langue (or on the menu!). In fact, this is the best way to study it. I' d like to see as much of the original Tahiti as possible. I suggest that you bring a small francophone volume if you want to discover for yourself.

Though English is widely used in most places you will be visiting, the best way to thank the natives is to speak and understand their own Tibetan tongue. If I am on a trip or activities with a Polyynesian entertainer, I use the words of Tahitia I know, and it makes their outing!

To enchant the natives during their Bora Bora holiday, here are some words and sentences in Tahitian: You' ll find it useful to learn some elementary sentences, especially if you are visiting a newspaper (shop) or grocery in Tahiti. Linguistically, we had a very fun time visiting the Carrefour grocery in Papeete (we like to talk about the "super food market").

So we wanted to buy pâté and found out that the delicatessen salesgirl doesn't know English. Our "quacking" and fluttering arms found the pâté of ducks (and if we put it on crisp yogurt, the flavour was really something to try). However, keep in mind that using a few words from the Polynesian tongue instead of trying to talk a little bit of France will make the Polynesian relationship easier.

In addition, it will make your journey simpler (and less embarrassing) if you know some of the following sentences from Tahitian-French: So do you talk English? In order to avoid the quacks, there are the different kinds of meats and some other foods in French:

In Tahiti, one of the pleasures of being is the simple accessibility of tasty, crisp, tropical berries. You' ll want to learn the words for your favourite berries to ask for a local drink or order a local Tahiti desert! In the Polynesian period, the Tahiti bilingual tongue was once at home on the island of Tahiti.

As Tahiti was the biggest and most populous island, the Tahiti volunteers selected the Tahiti tongue as the most important for their work. Educating indigenous ministers who traveled the island and archipelago, spread Christianity and distributed gospels and Tahitic literatur. Little by little, the productively written Tibetan term superseded the dialect and other vernaculars.

Tahiti is now widely spread on about 100 Isles throughout Polynesia. To get some advice on how to prepare for your Bora Bora holidays, please check out our Bora Bora page. The Bora Bora holidays page gives you great design advice to make the most of your holidays.

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