Bora Bora Flowers

The Bora Bora Flowers

You' ll often see Tahitian gardenias worn behind the ear or adorning a corolla or lei. Tiare wins first prize among the many beautiful flowers of Tahiti! In Tahiti known as Pureu, the hibiscus is a striking symbol of all South Sea islands and one of the richest flowers of Tahiti. Societal Islands Picture: The award-winning Dahlia'Bora Bora' is an amazing fusion of colours with an abundance of spectacular dark coral pink flowers that blend into gold in their hearts.

Franco-Polynese flowers

As soon as you reach French Polynesia, welcome the flowers of the isles. While you are leaving, welcome the natives with a scented tiaré flower and a celestial orchid wreath around your throat. In Tahiti, Moorea and Bora Bora, you often awaken to flowers on your tablet, relaxing in a relaxing orchid bath and sleeping on a lively wet bow of rosewater.

Send flowers to Tahiti

The Tahiti and her islands are regarded as a true heaven of flowers, for the number of different kinds is enormous. Every day Polynesians carry at least one blossom behind their ears or stick it in a roll. Others always use crowns and a wreath of flowers to give their clothing a special aura.

And last but not least, flowers are a greetings plate, as you will see when you reach Tahiti Airport, where you will receive the Tiare Tahiti tradition. Then you must know what to do with this plant! In Polynesia there is actually a real "language of flowers", so here is some good tip to prevent mistakes.

Over the years, the prestigious emblem of Tiare Tahiti has become one of the most important landmarks of Polynesia, where it is mainly used in the fields of banking and advertising. You will be delighted by its different colours and dimensions - from small to large, its flower leaves sometimes doubly rough or fine chiseled - and we are sure that you will soon be wearing it!

Heliconia, Crimson and Flamingo flowers.... are often used by the mother (Tahitian grandmothers) for her flower composition. They are also used to make flower decorations for a party. The less aesthetically pleasing poles are placed so that different flowers and green twigs can be glued into them.

In every Polyynesian vegetable gardens you will find flowers made of silkaper. Polynesia has many orchids, the most popular member of the Tahitians. The temple blossom is actually a small arboreal plant with bald knots and two-coloured flowers.

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