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Bora Bora Bora boat tours: View reviews and photos from boat trips in Bora Bora, French Polynesia on TripAdvisor. One of the ultimate ways to explore Bora Bora Bora Bora is private yacht charter. Excursions by boat from Bora Bora are the best way to enjoy this unique environment. A Bora Bora yacht charter is the best way to explore these beautiful islands in the South Pacific.

The Bora Bora boat trips are the best Bora Bora Tours

Bora Bora boat trips are the best way to enjoy this area. The high, cliffy, verdant peak of Mt Otemanu can be admired from the water. As you circumnavigate the isle, it changes from broad and massive, to quadratic and nubbly, to slim and needle-like. One can also see the wonderful Sandmotus that surrounds the isle.

You are in private hands, so you must be escorted by a tourist guides or know exactly where the few Bora Bora Bora is. Bora Bora boat trips are available for you to enjoy. They offer different size and type of motor boat and you can select a half or full days trip to the Bora Bora Laguna.

A few firms take large groups of humans and put them in lines over the boat. That means you have a less personal encounter with the Laguna and your own guides. The Bora Bora Laguna Cruises offer the possibility to see a sharks and a stingray and even snorkel a little Bora Bora while these kind, nosy animals soar.

A half days trip stops on a sand moth to go swimming and eat some of the fruits of the islands. A full-time excursion will take you to one of the most attractive Bora Bora sands. Swimming and snorkelling is possible while a barbecue picknick with seafood and poultry specialities is made.

Verify your stock and make a reservation for a trip with sharks and rays. Outdoor canoeing trips are available from: situated in Pofai Bay, B.P. 220, Vaitape, Bora Bora, phone. They also carry out individual trips. called. Guided visits for groups and pairs. B.P. 111, Vaitape 98730, Bora Bora, Phone. 26 routes for at least 4, max. 14 persons.

B.P. 282, Vaitape 98730 Bora Bora, telephone. Thirty-eight guided visits for a min. of 8 and max. 30 persons. B.P. 790, Vaitape 98730 Bora Bora, telephone. There are 34 routes for up to 24 persons. One of the most exquisite and pleasant ways to spend a few moments on this isle.

It is so gentle and calm that it is as if you are going over the sea. The Vitamin Sea has 2 great cruises with only 4 pairs on a roomy boat. The one is a sunrise or afternoonsail with a swimming beach and the other is a very romantically sunsetsail.

As a self-contained person, try renting a motorboat to discover the best Bora Bora beach and snorkelling at your own speed. Ensure that the rental location provides you with a camp site card so that you can find all the treasure that is awaiting discovery. Bind the boat to a beacon in the wonderful cayenne.

Drag it to the sand beach on one of the remote open spaces that can only be reached by boat. Find out more about our best Bora Bora boat rental. Boat trips to the glamourous Bora Bora Laguna include one of these speedboat outings. You will be shown the best of Bora Bora's laguna as he takes you around in a fast and stylish way.

Bora Bora boat trips can be made in a specially crafted boat, intended for those who want to experience the beautiful underwater world of Bora Bora without getting soaked. This Bora Bora boat trip is possible by: If you want to travel the paradise like a famous person, you can take Bora Bora boat trips around the islands on a luxurious 24 meters powerboat, Roa, which is suitable for 8 to 12 people.

This Tahiti excursion is over: You can also take a Tahiti yacht charters from Raiatea (a near island) and cruise around Bora Bora. The tropical Bora Bora is one of the most beautiful places in the world. To enhance the romanticism, you can beatifically cruise around the flat south-eastern part of the lake as the Pacific Ocean is losing the sundown.

Slurp Tahitian coctails and see the starry sky as a scenic setting on these Bora Bora Bora boat trips. It is a full lunar spectacle as it towers above the motor and glitters over the Laguna. Guided visits for pairs. You can even go on Bora Bora boat trips for enthusiastic fishers.

Situated near the barriere wall, the lagoons offer the possibility of lightweight line spin and catch. Bora Bora boat trips are offered in the early hours or in the afternoon: By participating in Bora Bora boat trips your esteem for the beautiful Laguna will increase. It is three time bigger than Bora Bora, so get out on the sea and discover!

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