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"It is one of our favorite places in the world for bonefishing, and the Tranquility Hill is like our second home. Hunt Tarpon, Permit, Bonefish around the world's second largest barrier reef. Chester's Highway Inn Bonefish Lodge must be informed in advance of your estimated time of arrival. Bonefish Lodge in Dominica. In front of the lodge there are often bony fish.

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Chester's Bonefishing Lodge, Chesters - Update 2018 Rates

Chester's Bonefishing Lodge is located in Chesters and provides lodging with easy acces to a private backyard. Some of the rooms are air-conditioned and have a sitting and eating area with TV. Lodge provides a barbeque. You can rent a vehicle at Chester's Bonefishing Lodge. Our customers like.....

Touroperated Fly Fishing Excursions| Touroperated Bonefishing Excursions

So, if you have a weekends or a whole day, come to Water Cay and enjoy a very simple to get to and enjoy delicious local specialties! In the Bahamas, if you were looking for the remotest place, you would look no further than the Jumento Cays, which end at Ragged Island in the north.

Ragged Iceland and the extensive Jumento Cays in the northern part of the country provide an exhilarating range of fishing possibilities for the real fisherman, making it an easy fishing paradise. Crooked Island's stunning north-western edge is surrounded by an untouched bluish watershed and has a drowsy "out-island" feeling.

Adventurous fishermen will find the Villa's offers the price-conscious angler a great opportunity for bone-fishing in the remotest areas of Crooked Island.... and a convenient home for returning every night after another great outing. These two words are mentioned by the Marls of Abaco..... to the skilled shallow fisher and be ready to see his eye shine when he begins a discussion that normally begins with "A labyrinth of apparently never-ending tortoise grassland sands...." and often ends with "virtually uncharted and unfished".

" The Abaco Lodge, opened in 2009, is the best opportunity to go fishing in this area. Swain' s Cay Lodge is the best place for fishermen who want to go fishing in the southern and middle bays of Andros. Situated on a long sandy shore, this lovely lodge is easily accessible from any bay.

Swains' Çay is an easy starting point for sea, South and Mediterranean plains and coast anglers.... on successive dates, if you wish! Not only does Swain's Çay provide anglers to please the most stubborn fisherman, it also provides comforts to please their nonconfusing mates.

Big Charlie's Lodge at Cargill Creek is the best place for fishermen who want to go fishing in the North Bay of Andros. Charlie Neymour and his family Fatiha relocated their lodge operation from Behring Point to Cargill Creek in 2009. and his handpicked staff of professional coaches is one of the best in the Bahamas.

Of course, they are fishing the northern bay, which is a vast and fertile area in itself, but they also have good accessibility to the fertile sea plains that lead up the eastern side of Andros, as well as good accessibility to the rugged western side of Andros. Featuring a new club house and new air-conditioned rooms, this family-owned lodge is the best place in the Bahamas if you are looking for superb, spacious apartments on your doorstep.

The plains in the Joulter Cays are mainly of tough, clean and sandy beaches, making this area an excellent place for fishermen who enjoy wading. We believe that the best way to achieve this is with North Andros fly fishing in Nichol's Town. Convenient accommodation, great coaches, good gear and tasty meals make this a sure bet.

The Deep Water Cay was established in 1958 by two men looking for the best place for world-class bonusefishing. Athletes, enthusiastic fishermen and well-known angling guides, Gil Drake, and enthusiastic fishermen and publisher of Field and Stream, A.J. McClane, established this lodge on the small privately owned Grand Bahama isle.

Deadwater Cay is the place where generation after generation of fishermen practice the mythical shallow water fishery and take their places alongside their forefathers, grandads and some of the world's most renowned fishermen. Ancient Bahamian leaders are also on the Cay, descendents of the ancient leaders and legend in their own right.

Long-Islands offer fishermen a vast living space made up of countless areas of whitish sands, concealed streams and dull-coloured canals. It is ideal for fishermen looking for many bonefish kicks. The Greenwich Creek Lodge is a small, cosy lodge with air-conditioned rooms and serves tasty Bahamanian cuisine with plenty of local shellfish.

One of the best spots in the Bahamas if you like wading fishing is Long Island, known for its top scoring fishing occasions. All the way southwards on the island of Southern Andros, you will come to the small village on Mar's Bay.

Here, Bill Howard operates Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge and offers fishermen the best entrance to the south tip of Andros and the amazing streams in between. Grass and Hawk's Nest creek is within walking distance and the iconic levels of Jack Fish Channel, Water Cay and Curley Cut Cay are just 25-45 minutes from the lodge.

Mars Bay Bonefish Lodge is one of the top addresses for adventurous fishermen and deserves your special mention. The lodge has been praised by fishermen with a lot of experience. One of the best Bonefish resorts in the word, Sandy Point offers the most convenient base from which to discover the area.

Situated in the remotest part of the Bahamas, the Bahamas is a new land for adventurous fishermen. This is a journey for advanced fishermen only. When you can discover some of the world' s richest fishing and can rely on your abilities, you might want to consider exploring this last big, uncharted isle of the Bahamas as well.

Fishermen silently lead themselves into one of the most attractive and prolific stream system of the Bahama over 16' canoe. There is a small, cosy air-conditioned and privately owned room for your head office. Located in the depths of the South Bahamas, this charming little seaside retreat is ideal for committed fishermen and adventurous pairs looking for a mix of flatracks, reefs and off-shore caving.

Spacious apartments full of naïve bonefish are located in the immediate vicinity of the 600-ft Crooked Islands Passage with its wahoo, tunnel and eel, making this an excellent choice if you want to fish in the Bahamas. Sturdy and sturdy under sails, it is a great place for the flyfishing experience you can imagine.

Situated in the heart of some of the best apartments in the Bahamas. This small lodge on the far eastern end of Grand Bahama Island features an expert tour leader crew, top class yachts, convenient accommodation and homemade cuisine. This is the ideal place for families, small company outings or just a few weekends.

This lodge is easily accessible with a number of brief departures a day from the States to the Isle, but is located in a secluded area far from the commotion of Freeport. If you are a fisherman with a low cost, here is an outline of the possibilities of catching fish, which may demand some sacrifice in the kind of comfort that some creatures can provide, but still provide great fishery at a very reasonable cost.

Each of these locations offers very convenient accommodation and good, if not good food. One of the reasons why we have chosen these areas is that they all have a vast plain and rich fishing grounds. It is one of the best in the Bahamas. You have fenced in the best guide on the islands to discover the vast and fertile streams of South Andros.

H2O Bonefishing is a good option for anglers who want to take their families and mates. The programme provides the committed fisherman with excellent shallow water angling possibilities while offering a variety of non anglers avenues.

The third biggest and southernmost of the Bahamas isle. Inagua' s vast inland sea is teeming with fish from Bahia's Bahamas, while its outbuildings, permits and bonefish, make it the most spectacular fishing destination in the Bahamas. Andros North Bay is the starting point and Tranquility Hill Lodge is our option if you want to discover this world-famous area.

Featuring great dining, true Bahamanian friendliness and one of the best angling programmes in the Bahamas, Tranquility Hill Lodge will ensure you get the most out of Andros Island. You can now relive the best of bonus-fishing while enjoying all the conveniences of a luxurious life.

They are very expert and are among the best in the Bahamas. This makes fishing an ideal place for your non fishing buddies and families. The ultra-modern Bonefish plant was only opened a year ago and already enjoys an excellent name.

This gorgeous lodge was designed with the discerning fisherman in mind and is conveniently located to reach the fertile and unspoilt plains on the isolated western side of the island of Andros within a few short min.

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