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BONARAI (pronounced or ;[6]Dutch: BONARAI, pronounced[bo??n??r(?)];[7]PAPIAMENTO:. Boneiru, pronounced[bu?neiru]) is an isle in the Leeward Antilles in the caribe. Bonaire forms together with Aruba and Curaçao the ABC Isles, which are less than 100 northeast of Venezuela. In contrast to large parts of the Carribean, the ABC Isles are outside Hurricane Alley.

A favourite snorkelling and snorkelling spot, Bonaire has several dive spots along the coast and offers simple entry to the island's fringe canals. Curaçao became a centre of the slavery business, while Bonaire became a factory of the Dutch West Indian company. Slaves' lodgings, all made of rock and too small for a man to be standing up straight, still remain in the Rincon area and along the saltworks as a dark memory of Bonaire's oppressive past.

16 ] The majority of the pupils in Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire were educated in Spanish until the British took Curaçao, Aruba and Bonaire. In the Napoleonic Wars the Netherlands twice losing power over Bonaire, once from 1800 to 1803[quote required] and again from 1807 to 1816. 17 ] During these periods the British had full command of the neighbouring islands of Curaçao and Bonaire.

NBC Island were given back to the Netherlands under the Anglo-Dutch Treaty of 1814. In 1810, during the time of the Great Britain, many merchants established themselves on Bonaire and constructed the village of Playa (Kralendijk). Located about 80 km off the Venezuelan coastline on the mainland shelves of South America, Bonaire is a part of the geological part of the country.

Inch ('520 mm), most of them in October to January. 25 ] Bonaire is outside the hurricane zone, although the meteorological and oceanographic situation is sometimes affected by cyclones and tropic wind. The area of Bonaire is 288 km², while Klein Bonaire has an extra area of 6km².

The Washington Slagbaai National Park is a nature reserve on the northern side of the isle. Bonaire's highest point, Mount Brandaris, 240 metres (790 ft) high, is situated in this reserve and has a full panoramic sea front perspective of the isle. Well-known for its flaming population and donkeys reserve.

BONAIR is one of only four nest sites for the Carribean Fleming. In the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries, Europeans imported lambs, geese, goats, swine, horse and donkey to Bonaire, and the offspring of the donkey, goat and pig migrate around the town. It is also home to the endangered Amazona parrots Amazona brabadensis.

As part of a public-private relationship, programmes are being devised to promote community understanding and an attitude towards the protection and maintenance of habitats in order to pro-actively conserve the Bonaire eco-system. Selibon NV, the domestic waste treatment facility, opened an environment tribunal in March 2013 where the general population can take along glasses, tins, paper, junk, paperboard, batteries, engine oils, edible oils, electronic devices, cell telephones and sweat.

The BonRecycle BV is dedicated to the recovery of wastes in Bonaire and makes the Bonaire population aware of the importance and benefit of the recovery process. Dove Friends Bonaire has launched a Bonaire programme that aims to collect the rubble flushed on land and deliver it to the diving centre for segregation to prepare it for treatment by bonrecycle.

The Netherlands Antilles was disbanded on 10 October 2010. Thus the Netherlands took over the official management of the Caribbean Netherlands or the BES countries Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba. They were given a new statute as "special municipalities" (bijzondere gemeenten), making them part of the Netherlands itself, a type of "public institution" (openbaar lichaam) as described in Art. 134 of the Netherlands Constitution.

Bonaire's Marine Park has 86 designated diving spots and hosts over 57 types of hard and hard corals and more than 350 registered types of game. Here is the Bonaire Flamino Reserve. Bonaire's first airfield was near Tra'i Montaña Subi Blanku and traversed today's road from Kralendijk to Rincon and was constructed in 1936.

It turned out to be too small when US troops came to Bonaire in the second half of 1943. The building began in December 1943 with the opening of the new "Flamingo" aerodrome in 1945. Among the carriers offering flights in Europe are TUI Netherlands and KLM. Labra, Ishiri, Kokorobi, Jan Doran, Vlijt, Rigot, Porto Spano and Kunchi were several smaller cities that survived in the reserve but were later forsaken.

Bonaire's education system is modelled on the Netherlands system. Netherlands is the offical tongue of Bonaire, because it belongs to the Netherlands. Bonaire is a multilingual company. The majority of Bonaire's people are able to speak at least two of the following languages: Papiamento, English, Spanish and Netherland.

Tran World Broadcasting runs a PJB3-AM directional broadcasting system on Bonaire with a medium wave channel and several short wave stations at 12°6?W? 68°17??W / 12. 28361 (Bonaire Trans World Broadcasting Station). The Netherlands Worldwide Broadcasting Company runs a short wave relays unit at 12°12?? 68°19?W?W / 12. 32306 (Radio Netherlands Bonaire Relays).

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