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Toronto Boat Trip

Tasty food, fabulous entertainment and breathtaking views over lunch, Sunday brunch or dinner aboard Obsession III is the perfect cruise for you. It is your chance to experience Toronto's only deep-sea cruise! Toronto Top Boat Tours & Water Sports: Toronto Niagara Falls Platinum Tour with cruise and lunch. Sailing and charter in the port of Toronto.

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When you' re looking for tasty meals, great conversation and breathtaking scenery, a Weekend Brunch Cruise or an Obsession III dining cruise is the cruise for you. You can choose between a modern evening snack or a newly cooked sideboard, according to your choice of cruise. You can also take in the breathtaking view of the Toronto skies, the Toronto Islands and Lake Ontario while savouring a first-class lunch cooked by our cooks using only the very best fresh produce.

Buy a cup of fine wines, beers or cocktails from our specially chosen beverage menu, let us take pictures with our onboard photo maker and spend the nights under the star with our music. With our week-end round-trip cruise packages, we are the ideal way to bring the whole host families together to share great meals, beautiful scenery and a great time.

Be it a party with your loved ones or a relaxing evening meal for two, we provide the cruise for an memorable cruise in the centre of downtown Toronto's Seaside. Brunch and diner boat trips to Mother's Day 2018 are SALE out!

Top 10 Toronto Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours (w/prices)

See the attractions of Toronto from the sea on this harbour cruise! Experience another side of Toronto on a one-hour cruise along the inner harbour of Toronto. Experience the Toronto highlights on a one-hour cruise in the inner port of Toronto. As you explore the inner harbour and its scenic.....

It is your opportunity to see Toronto's only deep-sea cruise! Cruise aboard the'Tall Kajama Ship', a 165-foot 3-masted boat, and.... Indulge in a unique food sensation on this Toronto cruise of dinners and dances. While driving along Toronto Harbour, have a drink and admire the view of the town?

So whether you're a Toronto man or just coming to visit, an Obsession III brick-busting cruise is a great outing for the week. Cruise on a luxury 12-metre boat with a small group (maximum 10 people) along the Toronto seafront. Accompany us on an afternoons cruise through the port of Toronto and the stunning Lagoon of Toronto Island.

Getting in at 12:30 and crossing on most Saturdays from 1..... Enjoy Toronto's pulsating harbour front and the breathtaking view of Toronto's pretty skyline. Put Sails on the 113-foot Yankee Lady III for an evenings cruise with a special topic! Their cruise leads you..... Ideal for'date night' or a funny date with your boyfriends or your girlfriend, this Toronto cruise starts at 6pm on Friday and sails the island of Toronto.....

Indulge in a unique night on the waters during one of Toronto's unique summers, such as Victoria Sunday, Canada Sunday or the Sommernsonnende. Niagara falls on this 1-day trip from Toronto. Skipping the routes, take a scenic coach ride through Niagara-on-the-Lake and a boat trip with Hornblower Niagara.

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